There is only one political party that advocates lawlessness and that is the Democratic Party. As time goes by, more evidence emerges. In their blind hatred for all things Trump, they expose themselves more and more.

In one of his more reflective moments, in an interview post-Watergate, Richard Nixon opined on some of the lessons he learned from that time in his life. Of the things he mentioned, this one particularly stuck out and I never forgot it: He said, “When someone hates you, you do not hate them back. Hate clouds your judgement.” Hate has clouded the judgment of the anti-Trumpsters.

You can see it in the writings of the liberal columnists in the newspapers where my column appears. We are all around the same age, give or take a few years, but Watergate was a defining moment in our youth. Vietnam and the civil rights movement were the others.  I believe from their writings that they were all in for the impeachment of Richard Nixon and probably felt cheated that he resigned and President Ford pardoned him.

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Yet, these same things that again probably drove them bat-crap crazy, they now have no problem when it is Democrats doing it. For all intents and purposes, it is now clear that the Democratic National Committee rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders, going so far as to give Hillary Clinton the questions before a debate. Let’s not even talk about the superdelegates, where even before the race started, Hillary had a decided advantage.

My counterparts have had nothing to say on this matter. They would rather believe that the exposing of this information was by Russian hacking, so even though true (no one involved has yet to come forward to deny them), it does not count. This hook they hang their hat on still to this day has no proof other than a memo that stated that the Russians had the capability of doing this, which has been turned into, “The Russians did it.”

WikiLeaks has stated many times the Russians are not responsible. In fact, circumstances actually show that it was probably a disgruntled Sanders supporter who sought revenge against the Democratic National Committee for rigging the primary.

We are now learning that Trump was right; the Obama administration had him under surveillance before and certainly after the election. The Obama administration was able to get a FISA warrant based on the now proven false story that Trump, when he was in Russia (which itself was proven not to have happened), paid prostitutes to pee on the mattress Obama and Michelle slept on when they were in Russia. This made the surveillance of Trump aides and surrogates legal. Not right, for they knew the information was bogus, but legal nonetheless.

What was not legal was the releasing of the transcripts with the names of those not under legal surveillance to the press and the public all for political purposes. Again my counterparts have no problem with this. After all, when it comes to Trump, whatever it takes to take him down is fine.

So, in its continuing quest to keep the anti-Trumpsters bat-crap crazy, come two more stories from the media designed to do just that. The first one deals with Trump keeping his promise to roll back Obama era regulations on the coal industry. Even though, time after time, Trump said he would do this, the stories feign shock that he actually kept his promise.

There were literal hysterics over the rollback of the Obama Clean Power Plan and rollback of Obama regulations that were implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency. What you are not being told by the media is that the Supreme Court had already ruled them to be unconstitutional. Obama was denying and defying them. Now, fact is in 2016, the Supreme Court blocked Obama’s Clean Power Plan after more than 20 states complained that it exceeded federal law. My counterparts have had no problem with Obama defying the Supreme Court, but dollars to doughnuts they will be going nuts that Trump is obeying the law of the land.

The other story that has caused hysterics is Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement that the Justice Department will deny grants to cities that declare themselves sanctuary cities. He was citing section 1373 of the law, under which states must certify they are in compliance with all federal laws as a condition for receiving these requested grants. This particular section was signed into law by Obama to force schools to have gender-neutral bathrooms and locker rooms for the transgendered. 

As for sanctuary cities—and Trump had nothing to do about it—there is a specific statute as written about this. It states if you pass a law that you are a sanctuary city, you are in violation of federal law and if anybody is murdered by an illegal alien, local police and law enforcement can be sent to prison if that law is enforced.

All Trump and Sessions are trying to do is to enforce the nation’s immigration laws that have been on the books since 1965 and amended in 1986. These laws were passed by bipartisan Congresses, signed into law by both Democratic and Republican presidents, LBJ and Ronald Reagan. My counterparts will probably have a problem with the fact Trump again has the law on his side. However, in all their writings, I have seen no proof that they had a problem with Obama when he was using illegal executive orders to stop enforcing these laws. Do not let hatred blind you to what is really going on.

This is what I say. What say you?