As a father of three kids, I worry everyday that we will experience another terrorist attack similar to 9/11.  New Yorkers, especially those in the Hudson Valley, have mourned the loss of life due to radical Islamic terrorism and can relate better than most to the horrific attacks in Paris.

While we grieve for those lost on Friday evening, we must begin a thorough process of re-evaluating our own security measures here at home. We face a major national security issue stemming from illegal immigration. Four of the 9/11 hijackers were illegal immigrants on visa overstays.

I agree with former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly that we need to do more to secure our borders, empower our law enforcement agencies to properly protect all of our residents and look to enhance our use of new technologies to interrupt the communication of terrorists both domestically and abroad.

It is my hope that my colleagues in both houses, and on both sides of the aisle, can have the needed dialogue to address the security issues facing our state, which is consistently a target of terror. It has become abundantly clear that the federal government has proven itself unable to guarantee the refugees coming into our country and state are not involved with ISIS. The acceptance of any Syrian refugees should be suspended until there is a clear process in place to fully vet their background and ensure they pose no threat to New York State residents.