As was said in the greatest baseball movie ever made, “Field of Dreams” (go ahead, name another), “With all the turmoil in the world, the one constant has been baseball.” (I am paraphrasing.)

Think about it. Since the late 1800s, we have had depressions, wars and riots, yet, come April, baseball was there to let us know all’s right with the world and everything is unfolding according to plan.

For me, it means I no longer have to listen to Sean Hannity, Mark Levin or Michael Savage. I know, you say I could always listen to music; however, the music I like is only available on CD. When Sinatra died in 1998, so did music. Try finding a steady stream of Sinatra, Como, Crosby, Garland, etc. on AM or FM radio. So, I can only listen to what I want via CD. The problem is you can damage the player and really drain the battery if you listen to the CD when the car is not running, or long-term idling (which heats up the CD player).

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As most of you are aware, I am part-owner of a taxi company and 95 percent of my business is waiting for the northbound Mero North train that arrives in Peekskill. It is my partner Tommy who does the airports. So, after I drop off customers, I have downtime waiting for the next train. So during that time, running the CD player is out of the question, and finding my kind of music is really not an option.

So, I have coffee and read the papers and listen to talk radio. I also have a laptop in the car. With the laptop, I scan the news from many different sources. This is why I have told you over and over again, I do not watch television news shows, nor cable news shows.

So after baseball season is over, it is talk radio. I hate to tell you, football, basketball and hockey do not translate to radio like baseball does. To get the full experience of those other sports, one must watch them and when you are watching you cannot do anything else but eat and belch. Not so with baseball or talk radio, which while on radio, one can multi-task.

I can hear you out there saying, “But Andy, you say you are a conservative, how can you not be in love with Hannity, Levin or Savage?” Here is my problem: For a long time now I believe Hannity is off his game. In fact, I can trace it back to Romney’s loss. Ever since, Hannity has not been the same. Every half hour he comes back from the break with the same sound bites from the last half hour. This lasts about seven minutes. You get about five minutes of talk and then a commercial then more sound bites you heard before.

I know, there are always new listeners, yet to me it is just annoying. So, maybe a three-hour show after commercials, you get about an hour of actual talk. Blah!

Michael Savage, when he is on his game is one of the best. Problem is, he is not on his game often enough. He takes too much time off, he talks about how great he is too often. The biggest problem is I think he is a phony. I really think he does shtick. I do not think he really believes the stuff he says. Look how fast he turned on a dime when Trump bombed the Syrian airfield. The same with Ann Coulter. They both proclaimed, Savage on air and Coulter with a column, that Trump betrayed us.

They both think that Trump became a war monger. Nothing could be further from the truth. He sent a message. You can name all the civil wars you want, after all we had one of our own, but you will fight it the way everyone else does. Guns and bombs. Syria is a signature of the no chemical weapons bans and, by God, they will abide! That is all, no more no less.

He wants to go down as a nation builder, except the nation is this nation and if he spends money on someone else’s war, he will not have the monies to build our inner cities, airports, roads and bridges. Oh yeah, and the WALL! That is the big picture and both Savage and Coulter lost sight of that. Trump grew up during Vietnam and he is not inclined to be part of another.

As for Levin, when he talks law, the Supreme Court or conservative philosophy, there is no one better. However, he has never gotten over the fact that Trump beat Ted Cruz. He was all in for Cruz and he never lets you forget that. He really believes Cruz would have beat Hillary. That was not going to happen. There is no way Cruz could have withstood the onslaught of negative coverage Trump did and overcame.

Also, he takes too much time off and his guest hosts suck rocks. He also spends too much time plugging his latest ventures and books, usually after commercial breaks. So, like Hannity, after three hours, maybe you get an hour of actual talk.

Now, before baseball, you have Rush Limbaugh, and he is still the best. He is never boring, and he is an original thinker who, when it comes to Trump, deals with what is, not what it should or ought to be. Also his guest hosts are never boring either. After baseball, there is John Batchelor. Listening to him is like reading the encyclopedia. There is no way you cannot leave his show smarter than when you came in. His breadth of knowledge on a wide range of topics is breathtaking.

For now, though, baseball is back and all is right with the world. This is what I say. What say you?