According to an article in the Daily Mail, a survey was taken of people who ride the London subway. It was trying to determine, to pinpoint advertising, what women on the London subway looked at, were moved by or affected by when looking at men. What they found was that women on the London subway tend to gravitate toward men who are wealthy, who are attractive and who wear coats and ties.

Can you believe this? Good money was spent on telling regular people what they instinctively already knew. Yet, to them it was disappointing, shocking news. The news would be even more shocking had that survey been taken in America. Had they done one about men. It is not for nothing that Playboy and Playgirl were best-selling magazines, and it was not just for the articles.

We are talking fantasy here. Most people never get to date their fantasy. Most people wise up and marry the one who is perfect for them. Not eye candy, but soul candy.

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So the natural question would be, why? Why in fantasy is one so superficial? Why are liberals still shocked? The answer lies in the fact that liberals have been at war with human nature for decades. The left has tried to erase it, reprogram it, change it all in the name of compassion or fairness or equality.

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