First a correction: Last week was my 400th column, including both publishers. Sorry for the senior moment.

Now to the good stuff. First off, Trump wins by double digits in South Carolina. If you only read the Daily News, you would think that the Republican Party has been hijacked by morons (New Hampshire) and dunces (South Carolina). Like all liberals, they cannot help themselves in their contempt for those with whom they disagree. If you listen to Marco Rubio, who has yet to crack the low 20 percent, it is Trump who has hit his ceiling. I still have not figured out how someone who has yet to win a primary is the only one who can beat the Democrats.

As in the last two state votes, when you add Trump, Cruz and Carson’s votes, you get 60 percent of the votes. So even if the money and support that Bush had switches to Rubio, the establishment still does not reflect the majority of the voters. If Kasich drops out, they are still in the minority.

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Eventually Carson and Kasich will drop out. Kasich is hoping to hold on until March 15 and the Ohio primary. You can see how that favorite son mentality has played out. Graham is gone and now so is Bush.

So why hasn’t Carson or Kasich dropped out yet? The primary reason is there have been only three primaries so far: New Hampshire and Iowa, which are not really reflective of the nation, and South Carolina, which is because it has a lot of displaced northerners there. Another reason is that from Reince Priebus (Republican Party chairman) on down, there is the belief that Trump is not real; that he’s either going to get defeated big time somewhere by somebody, or that he’s going to get out of the race. Even though they consider themselves the smartest people in the room, they have not accepted the fact that Trump is in this all the way. They’re hoping. So everybody is hoping that Trump eventually is taken out of the No. 1 slot before they get out, or that he eventually quits. They all have donors. The donors want to see some investment for the money they put in.

I submit the establishment in the RNC are conceiving various options and strategies designed to thwart whoever wins the primaries if it’s Trump or Cruz. I think the establishment feel if it’s Rubio, they’d probably go with him. However, I believe these are not people that sit around and wait for things to happen. These are people that run the party. They run the convention. This is their show. They’re not going to let outsiders like Trump or Cruz get it. Believe me, they’ve got some options that they’re going to hatch to throw this convention wide open, if it’s Trump or Cruz. That will happen at the convention.

Trump’s supporters breached the firewall in South Carolina. He probably takes Nevada. I heard this on the radio the other day and it probably best explains Trump’s appeal: While Cruz is undoubtedly the most conservative and can explain it like no other since Reagan, it is not enough. People often can’t remember what you say, but they never forget how you make them feel. That’s a singular thing. Trump makes people feel good about themselves again. He makes them feel optimistic. Obama and Bill Clinton had that quality. Hillary and Sanders do not. That is why in a general election, they cannot beat Trump. This country is not ready to vote for doom and gloom.

This is what I say what say you?