Every so often in this space, I like to fill it with random things going on near and far and in between. You might even find some of it interesting, or already know what I’m just finding out. Either way, maybe there are nuggests here that’ll help with your next cocktail party conversation (does anybody still have those?).

Nike to Amazon: Just Undo It 
Nike is running away from Amazon, pulling its merchandise from the galaxy’s biggest retailer to focus on its own direct-to-consumer e-commerce business. Said one analyst, “Brands don’t need Amazon. [It’s] just a traffic aggregator that reduces friction in consumption ... it doesn’t build communities.” [CNBC]

No Minor Offense
The legal age for buying tobacco in New York State is now 21 (as of Nov. 13), in an effort to reduce the serious health hazard to minors caused by the vaping epidemic, which has claimed 16 young lives in the U.S. Research shows 28 percent of high school students and 10 percent of middle-school students are using e-cigarettes. [Larchmont Loop]

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Game Over… Already?
Google in 2020 is launching a streaming game service in the cloud (no disc or downloads needed) called Stadia, and there’s not a lot of cheering out there just yet. Says one games expert: “[We’re] waiting to see if Stadia will flop. I hope it won’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does.” Sounds gamy. [The Verge]

Mining Walt’s Vault
Disney Plus, the new, Netflix-like streaming subscription service, drew 10 million subscribers for its recent launch, boosted by a seven-day free trial. The Mouse House (whose movie catalog includes Fox, Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm) hopes to have 90 million subs by 2024, compared to the 160 million Netflix has today. [The Verge]

Words to the Wizened
Speaking of Disney, while I can’t claim to be a blood relation of Walt or his Great Niece Abigail Disney, the documentarian and social activist speaks my language when it comes to lowering the boom on certain Boomers (her and my generation) who wax boorish when patronizing their juniors, notably Millennials. One of her all-too-appropriate admonitions to those who aren’t aging gracefully or graciously: “You are old. You are not irrelevant yet. But you are less relevant every day. Move on.” Abigail, I couldn’t have said it better myself. [The Guardian]

Boomer Employment Booming
No, I’m not a self-hating Boomer. I’m also not a retired Boomer. Neither are millions of my peers. Surprise! Boomers (generally age 65-75) reportedly are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. workforce. Twenty percent of us in 2018 were employed or looking for work, compared to 12% of those the same ages 20 yrs ago. [Glassdoor]

Farrah’s Franchise Still Has Legs
Charlie’s Angels is spreading its wings once again, on the silver screen. I know it’s not angled towards me because the only 2019 Angel actor I know is Kristen Stewart, which suggests I’m in the twilight of my movie fandom. According to film review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the professional critics greeted it with a shrug (58% approved), while audiences were flying high over this version (84%). [Rotten Tomatoes]

A Tale Twice Told 
Topping Amazon’s subjective (not sales) list of the 100 best books of 2019 is Margaret Atwood’s “The Testaments,” sequel to her cultural touchstone “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which was adapted to a streaming TV series with a cult following. [CNN.com]

Amazon Adds to Grocery List
Locals who routinely beseech Whole Foods to come to their town (a wholly unrealistic expectation) may want to lower their sights and lobby for a less elitist Amazon-owned grocery store. Amazon plans to test a mass-market food market model in L.A. in 2020, but has not yet divulged any details, including a name. In addition to 500+ upscale Whole Foods locations, Amazon operates 16 convenience stores called Amazon Go. [The Dallas Morning News]

Two Tails of Poor Petiquette
1. In four-legged-friendly Westchester, a 21-year-old thought nothing of letting her dog run around a big box hardware store untethered. The owner was given a ticket and (hopefully) a leash (for the dog, of course). [Patch]
2. In the same town, a homeowner’s unleashed dog bit a neighbor. The woman was given a summons and (hopefully) a muzzle (for the dog, of course). [Patch]

Head Case
In a nationally televised game, a violently out-of-control NFL player bashed the opposing quarterback over the head with the QB’s own helmet. The assaulting player has been suspended from playing for an indefinite period, through this season at a minimum. No word yet on whether he has been offered a contract with WWE, where head-banging is a job requirement. [ESPN]

What’s Not to Love?
Dhruv Gaur, a Jeapardy contestant who couldn’t come up with the final “answer” (in the form of a question), won the day anyway by writing, “What is… We love you, Alex,” causing the show’s legendary host Alex Trebek, publicly fighting life-threatening pancreatic cancer, to visibly choke up on air. #weloveyoualex instantly became a Top 10 Trending hashtag on Twitter. [Deadline]