Have you noticed, as I have, that some folks lately are protesting protesting? That is to say they are bothered by protesters. That’s cool, I guess, but do you think the same people who protest protesting also would have protested the men who were the mother of all protesters? Our founding fathers.

Protesting is in our blood. Every one of us. Females have the estrogen hormone. Men have the testosterone hormone. We all have the protestosterone hormone.

To not protest is to accept the status quo of existence, to not move forward, to not feel and react to the exciting electrical twitches of life incarnate.

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To accept the status quo is to give up on progress—your own and that of society at large.

To give up on progress is to put down your sword.

To put down your sword is to let someone else decide your fate.

To let someone else decide your fate is to live the unexamined life.

To live the unexamined life is to go through a day without protesting something. Anything.

Protesting is justified when you are doing it.

Protesting is not justified when someone you don’t agree with is doing it.

Protesting is its own justification. We all do it. We all protest. Every. Single. Day.

We protest the clock by muttering to ourselves when it’s time to wrest ourselves from the comforting clutches of bed.

We protest with our car horn the motorist who cut us off.

We protest eating our veggies.

We protest school tests.

We protest the weather when it’s too cold or too hot.

We protest our dog-walking neighbor who doesn’t scoop the poop.

We protest the guy on the train speaking into a cellphone as if auditioning to be a public-address announcer.

We protest the tall person sitting in front of us who obstructs our view.

We protest the coach not picking our kid for the travel team.

We protest oversharing on social media.

We protest in letters to the editor.

We protest taxes.

We protest at the voting booth.

We protest people who look different from us. Who speak different from us. Who are different from us.

If you haven’t protested yet today, what are you waiting for?

Your protestosterone hormones are revved and ready to march into battle.

Bruce Apar is chief content officer of Pinpoint Marketing & Design, a Google Partner Agency. He also is an actor, a community volunteer, and a contributor to several periodicals. Follow him as Bruce the Blog on social media. Reach him at bapar@pinpointmarketingdesign.com or 914-275-6887.