Here are some quick facts regarding Trump’s executive orders on limiting people from seven countries from entering the United States:

1) Trump campaigned on this. He said he would do this. A long time ago, he modified his “no Muslims ban” to certain countries only. He did this in his “contract with voters” speech, which was covered by all media. However, the media never revised the narrative, so you have this term “Muslim ban” being used. Remember, I warned you that the media will not report the truth about Trump. They continue to prove my warning accurate.

2) It is not a “ban.” It is a 120-day suspension to give the government time to put in place better vetting procedures (i.e. to see how and if they use social media). If the Obama Administration did this, it might have prevented the California and Florida tragedies. The Obama Administration put this type of information off-limits.

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3) It is not, in spite of what you are being told, a ban on Muslims. It is directed at all individuals from only seven countries with the exception of religious persecution. Ninety-percent of the world’s Muslim population is unaffected. So, other than to gin up anger from the anti-Trump crowd, how is this a Muslim ban?

4) The affected countries were put on this terror watch list by the Obama Administration.

5) As of this time, there is no way to properly vet refugees from Syria. There is no database to check applicants against. Same goes for Lybia and Somalia.

6) The Democrats are simply seizing this as an opportunity to recast this and characterize this as something that it’s not. They are trying to portray Trump as a violator of human rights and civil rights, and it’s an opportunity to foment protest and resistance, which has become their strategy. You can see this played out on a number of other issues and now his pick for the Supreme Court. Question: How many times can you call someone a particular “-ist” or “-phobe” before people catch on that it is all a sham?

A Quick History About the Statue of Liberty:

1) The Statue of Liberty was not about immigration.

2) The Statue of Liberty represents Libertas, Roman goddess of Liberty.

3) She bears a torch and a tabula ansata. It’s a tabula that evokes the law on which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence.

4) Those are what words are on the Statue of Liberty, words that commemorate July 4, 1776. A broken chain lies at the feet of the Statue of Liberty. This is what France sent us.

5) It was donated by the French as a tribute to liberty and freedom and independence. It was originally intended to be delivered to celebrate the centennial of the Declaration, the American Revolution. Remember, it was the French that joined our cause for liberty against England. Without them, victory would probably not have happened. The statue was supposed to arrive in 1876 to commemorate our centenial, but it was years late.

6) The statue, after it was delivered, was found to need a base. So it was not until 1903 that our government decided they needed to build the pedestal. However, money was needed to pay for it, so they commissioned the poet, Emma Lazarus, to write a poem to put on that base as a means of raising funds. Hence you have those immortal words: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...”


Have you noticed traveling on Route 6 that the name Trump has been removed from the sign in front of the Trump Park Residences?

From a story in the Yorktown News: “The entrance sign to a Yorktown residential development bearing the name of President Donald J. Trump has been vandalized multiple times and now his last name has been removed entirely.

“It is not clear whether the remainder of the sign was removed by vandals or by Yorktown Realty.

“Beyond the use of his name, Trump Park Residences is not affiliated with the president. Yorktown Realty has a license agreement to use his name.”

So what you had were people defacing private property. The name was bought and paid for by a private entity. So I have a question: Is this what is meant by Michelle Obama’s quote: “When they go low, we go high”?

So, after all that has gone on since the inauguration of Trump, I have come to the conclusion they do not go high, but instead just got high.

This is what I say. What say you?