In 1986, Donald Trump received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor with Rosa Parks. In 1991, Trump first denounced David Duke, saying he hates what Duke represents. In 1997, the head of the Anti-Defamation League praised Trump for taking discrimination at private clubs head-on. This was after he won in a Florida court the right to allow anyone—regardless of religion, sex or race—to join his club. In 2000, Trump called David Duke a racist and bigot after leaving the Reform Party that Duke had now joined.

Trump, before it was newsworthy was promoting women to managerial positions based on merit and paying them the same as men. In 30 years in the spotlight in the media capital of the world, and in 14 seasons starring on NBC’s “The Apprentice,” there had never been a story accusing Trump of discrimination of anyone.

Year after year, leading Democrats in New York, including our own senator, Charles Schumer, made the trek to Trump Tower to seek donations to their re-election campaigns, willingly posing for pictures with him. Hillary and Bill Clinton were guests at his wedding to Melania. Every cable news channel including CNN and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” would have Trump as a guest often. Would NBC, Sen. Schumer, CNN, “Morning Joe” or the Clintons really associate themselves with such a noted racist and sexist? We have been told that he was one for years and years.    

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It was only after he announced his run for president, and it looked like he could win the nomination, did he become the scum of the world with hate in his heart. The only people with hate in their hearts are those who now accuse him of these terrible traits without a shred of proof, in spite of a lifetime of being just the opposite, just because he is a Republican and committed the crime of beating Hillary.  

In Charlottesville, Va., a group of people who, we are being told, were white supremacists and Nazis, were granted a permit to protest the taking down of a Confederate statue and the renaming of a street. The Supreme Court, years ago, ruled that government could not deny the permit based on a message the government disagrees with. Another group, also with a permit, attacks the first group. Trump, on that Saturday, calls out both groups as wrong. The media and quisling politicians have a cow. You see, in their world, one group was allowed to foment violence against the other group because they were asking for it because of their message.

Trump, again the following Monday and Tuesday, blames both sides for the violence and for that, according to the media and quisling politicians, we are to hate Trump as much as they do and have. You must remember that the violent group is made up of the same bought and paid for anarchists who burned UC Berkeley earlier this year and attacked Trump supporters at his rallies last year. Both sides are racist and bigoted and neither have moral superiority.

What I believe is the police were ordered to stand down in Charlottesville because somebody wanted what happened to happen for political purposes. We were told the police retreated to go get their riot gear. If true, then the question has to be asked: Why didn’t you show up in riot gear? If you retreated to get the riot gear, why didn’t you come back with the riot gear on? No! They were ordered to stand down.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but you must remember the Rahm Emanuel rule: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” I think people knew this could happen and, if it did, they were going to see how they could milk it. So, in order to milk it, there needed to be a crisis. In order for that to happen, the police would have to stay out of it. What made me come to this conclusion? It was an interview with a spokesman for the NYPD, who said: “It wouldn’t have happened here. We wouldn’t have let these two groups get within eyesight of each other. And we certainly wouldn’t let some renegade car enter this whole scene.”

So I believe somebody wanted it to happen and didn’t want it to stop because they wanted to try to capitalize on it. As you see, they did.

This is what I say. What say you?