Mahopac junior Ryan Dugan is an attackman on the varsity lacrosse team. He also plays quarterback for the varsity football team and forward for the varsity basketball team.

How old were you when you started playing lacrosse and how did you get started?


I started playing lacrosse in the second grade. It started with me and my older brother having a catch in the backyard, then I joined the MSA team.

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How would you describe this past lacrosse season? What do you hope to achieve next year?

This past season we had a very young and inexperienced team, making it to the quarterfinals was better than what a lot of people expected. Next year I hope to win a section championship. It is something I’ve wanted to do since I started playing.

Heading into the upcoming football season, how do you plan to prepare? Do you expect any changes to the program from the new head coach Dominick DeMatteo?

Heading into the season I plan to prepare by attending the summer lifting sessions and practices with my teammates. Since working with coach DeMatteo at a young age in his football camps it brings me great confidence that he will restore a winning culture and enthusiasm to Mahopac. I look forward to being a part of the beginning of a new era.

As a three-sport athlete do you find it hard balancing your time between academics, sports and a social life?

It can be challenging at times, but the support of my family, friends and coaches make it all worthwhile.

What is your favorite team activity, pregame or postgame ritual that you share with your teammates?

The team dinner the night before a game.

Who has been your biggest role model over the years and what have you learned from them?

My biggest role model over the years has definitely been my dad. His support and motivation have molded my character and work ethic.

Tell us one thing about yourself that not a lot of people know?

I am a huge fan of movies and music from the 80s and 90s.

Do you plan on continuing to play a sport in college? If yes, where are you going and why did you choose that school?

I do plan on playing a sport in college. I do not know where I will be attending yet.

Do you know what you want to study in college? If yes, what and why?

I plan on studying business in college. I see great opportunity in doing so.

Who is your favorite professional athlete and pro or college sports team?

My favorite professional athlete is J.J. Redick. I am a huge fan of Duke basketball.

What is your favorite music to listen to warming up for a lacrosse game?

I don’t have any big preferences. Whatever my team decides to put on the pregame playlist I am fine with.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

To teleport, I am not a fan of traffic.

If you could pick one place to visit on vacation that you’ve never been to, where would you go and why?

Hawaii, I appreciate their laid-back lifestyle.

What is your favorite food to eat before or after a game?

A peanut butter and Nutella sandwich before a game is a necessity.

Best place to eat in Mahopac and why?

Bliss, great food and I always see people I know in there.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Why?

Twitter, I love ranting about sports on there.

For a young athlete growing up in Mahopac, what would you tell them about the experience of being a part of the many athletic programs and why should they go out for a team?

Being a part of a team in Mahopac is unlike anything else. The bonds you form with your teammates and coaches last a lifetime. I encourage everyone to try out for a team.