There are a few reasons why I have been defending Trump from the get-go.

1) I knew Hillary was going to be the Democrat nominee. The game was rigged. Newly released emails from the Democrat National Committee prove it.

2) Who of the 17 announced Republican candidates would be able to withstand the media onslaught that would befall whoever the Republican nominee was?

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3) Who could best change the electoral map?

4) Who had the best chance of winning states that both McCain and Romney lost?

5) Who was going to get the 3 to 4 million people who sat out the 2012 election back to the polls?

6) Who will stand up to the establishment Republicans (RINOs included)?

In cases 2 through 6, I concluded it was Trump.

I wanted Sen. Ted Cruz. However, I knew he could do neither 2 nor 3. For the Republican candidate to beat Hillary, that person must have a chance at doing all five. I knew that for a Republican to win in a country where Democrats outnumber Republicans, one must have been a registered Democrat first. Like Reagan, Giuliani and Bloomberg (first term), voters had to believe they only switched parties because the Democrats had moved too far left and that the party of JFK was dead and buried. It was those Democrats that got them elected.

I also knew that everything old becomes new again. I am convinced that most voters are at the point where they were in 1968: Totally fed up with a government that outright lies to its people with impunity knowing there will be no consequences; a government that treats lawbreakers better than those that obey the law. In fact, going so far as to blame everything wrong, and every wrong lawbreakers do, on the law abiding. They are tired of being told doing well and having a moral and/or religious anchor is a sign of hidden bigotry.

Now, if you believe Americans should actually stand for something, that America made the world a better place, somehow that is all sorts of bigotry. If you believe that people coming to this country should be doing so to become part of what we are (it’s called assimilation), come here to improve their lives, not tear ours down, you, too, are all sorts of some kind of bigot. If you believe people coming here should be vetted, that we have a right to know their intentions, that no one has the right to come here just because, you are an uncaring miscreant.

Like 1968, people are tired of seeing cities being burned. They are tired of being told this is some sort of civil rights protest against mistreatment of minorities, yet it is minority owned housing and businesses being burned. We are being told we must understand, not prosecute.

Add in a federal government that is all-in on the elimination of the 10th Amendment. You know, the one that says, “Powers not specifically granted the federal government belongs to the state and the people.” You are seeing a federal government that actually believes its has the authority to dictate zoning codes, law enforcement, what your kids eat in school and who can use what locker room or bathroom. Those were left to the states because even 250-plus years ago, our founders knew that even 13 states were too big a country to have a one-size-fits-all top-down government.

For all those Reaganites out there who believe the sun rises and sets on him, you must remember, before you could have a Reagan you needed Nixon first. You needed someone strong enough to stop the madness. Someone who would bring back the rule of law (yes, I do see the irony) to the people. Someone who would reaffirm that the law abiding have civil rights, too, and those rights by moral obligation to those who play by the rules must come first. That the rights of those who are legal come before any rights we believe those who break the law should or may have.

You needed someone who would reaffirm that the first order of any government is the protection and safety of its people. That if you are here you must adhere to our values and all people have a right to live in peace, even those whose lifestyles or sex or religion are not yours. Remember, it was Nixon who removed the last vestiges of separate but equal.

Without that someone of strength, you could not have a country for Reagan to bring us to the next level. So, from the beginning I went with Trump. To the Cruz supporters I say this: you must see the bigger picture. At this time, Cruz could not alter it. Trump can. The bigger picture is Democrats in general and Hillary in particular must be defeated at the polls. Nationwide and statewide. Like Reagan in 1976, Cruz’s supporters must wait. His time, like Reagan’s, will come. However, first, the big picture.

This is what I say. What say you?