• Do you realize that in New York, breaking immigration law is a rewarding experience? Check it out. Cheat on your taxes? Fine and/or imprisonment. DWI? Fine and/or imprisonment. Medicaid fraud? Fine and/or imprisonment. However, come here illegally, overstay your Visa, and you can teach in our schools and, soon in New York City, vote. You wait. If you allow the State Senate to become majority Democrat, illegal immigrants will be allowed to vote in state elections.
  • If you watched the last two Republican debates, one thing is perfectly clear: Carson, Kasich, Cruz and Rubio are playing checkers; Trump is playing chess. He is betting that his base is secure, so now it is time to expand it for a national election. He is now running a national campaign.  He understands that the social issues are way down on the list of voter concerns. So, he is emphasizing those issues that cross party lines.  Look at the internal break down of his support. He does not need majority support of the minority community or women; 30 percent will do. He is getting it.

Even though it looks like Cruz and Rubio have finally grown a pair, they are still playing defense. He treated the others as no more than an annoyance. It reminded me of when Joe (my older brother) and I were kids and we would gang up on Dad. He would let us think we were winning until he grew tired then all he had to do was stretch his arms and swat us away.

A big deal was made of the fact that years ago, Trump hired foreign workers. Man, they thought they had him. Hypocrite! Except, he brought those workers here legally as the laws were different then than now. He explained how the labor market in Florida worked. In doing so, he pointed out how he as a person of the private sector knew better then these politicians how job markets work. Unlike those others on the stage going after him, he has actually hired people. He has actually built things. Pow! Go away you little buggers.

  • We are told that 65 percent of Republican voters do not want him. Those are old numbers. In Nevada he garnered 45 percent of the vote. Cruz, Rubio got around 25 percent of the vote. Using their logic, that means 75 percent of Republican voters do not want them. Actually when one adds the percentage of votes that both Cruz and Rubio got it still does not equal the percentage of votes Trump got.
  • When one listens to Hillary tell it, she has been at the forefront of fighting for women and minorities. Then she goes on to tell us how life in 2016 really sucks rocks for them. So, if she has been leading the fight since the ‘70s, and it still sucks rocks, what does that tell you about how well she has done leading that fight? It goes on to prove that the only thing she has succeeded at is failure.
  • Here is the present state of the Democrat Party. Bernie Sanders is, admitted even by his detractors, to be an honest person; a true believer. He is also considered unelectable. Hillary, who polling among Democrats shows, is considered a liar a phony and fake. She is also considered the only one electable. This is why Democrats must be defeated wherever you find them.

This is what I say. What Say you?