To the Editor; I normally do not respond to letters in your fine newspaper, but I took exception to what the candidate to the town board, Jean Hopper said about another candidate and past Deputy County Town Supervisor and Councilman Frank Lombardi. I have had the pleasure to work with Frank on so many charity and civil fundraiser events and have seen the character he possesses and his drive to serve and help all the people of this town. I am one of the officers of the Carmel Knights of Columbus and Frank always contacts me to see what our organization needs for our charity events and would be one of the first people to show up to help and the last to leave. His conversations, even when he was no longer a member of the board, was how to help this county and town be better, safer and more fiscally responsible. His 20 plus years as an attorney and his public service as our councilman and deputy town supervisor shows he has the tools already to hit the town running with no catch-up time to learn the job. Mrs. Hopper has no background in government or management or anything at all that is pertinent to running a town which has her at a disadvantage from the start. This town has too much going on to not have the town board firing on all cylinders. Thank you for your consideration in printing this letter. Michael McDonald  Carmel New York