MAHOPAC, N.Y.— Two town parks in Mahopac are about to get some upgrades that should make sports enthusiasts happy.

Jim Gilchrist, director of Recreation and Parks for the town of Carmel, went before the Town Board last week to explain the jobs that need to be done.

Gilchrist is proposing that the basketball courts in Baldwin Meadow Parks be resurfaced. And in McDonough Park, he wants the town to install safety netting around a portion of the baseball field.

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The cost of the two projects together, Gilchrist said, is approximately $25,000.

Gilchrist said the last time the basketball courts in Baldwin Meadow were resurfaced was in 2009. He said the courts are now suffering from metallic staining caused by minerals that rise to the surface from the ground below.

“We’ve had the same problem in Camarda Park,” he told the board. “It’s something that’s happening a lot in the Northeast.”

Gilchrist said they would use a hard acrylic paint, similar to what is used in skateboard parks.

“It should last about 10 years,” he said. “We will keep the same lines and designs, but this should definitely brighten it up,” he said.

Broken car windows have been a problem at the ballfield at McDonough Park. Gilchrist said he hopes added safety netting around parts of the field will remedy that.

The netting will be 20 feet into the outfield and 24 feet from home plate to third base. Gilchrist said webbing may be added over home plate at some point. He noted that the type of netting that will be used can withstand severe weather changes and can be left out year-round. He said that is what he was looking for because, due to its size, it would be problematic to take it down and store every year.

“You don’t want to store it because that’s when rodents will gnaw on it,” he said.

Gilchrist said work would begin on the netting project as soon as baseball season wraps up.

“It should take care of all the broken windows,” he remarked.

The basketball court resurfacing in Baldwin Meadow will begin next month.

“We have the funds available [for both projects] and I am confident we can come in under budget,” he said.