Dear Dr. Linda,

I’m a fourth-grade teacher who puts up a calendar every month showing all the special days in the month. February is Black History Month, which we focus on, along with other special days and birthdays.

I thought I’d share this month’s list with you so you might share it with your readers. It never hurts for any of us to talk about people from the past and why certain holidays are celebrated so parents can talk about them with their children at home.

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Dear Denise,

You’re right. February has many holidays, special days, and birthdays and noting them gives us opportunity to remember how different events and people have had impact on our country and culture. For instance, what would our everyday lives be like without the incandescent light bulb?

Here’s a quiz about dates of note in the month of February. Answers appear at the bottom of the column.

From the descriptions, name the holiday, special day or person associated with February.

1. Which president’s birthday is on Feb. 22?

2. Which president’s birthday is on Feb. 12?

3. Which popular holiday is celebrated on Feb. 14?

4. Every year, on what date does a groundhog come out of its cozy underground den to make a weather prediction?

5. What famous abolitionist writer and orator, born on Feb. 14, 1818, escaped from slavery and taught himself to read and write?

6. Who was the first American aviator, born on Feb. 4, 1902, to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone?

7. Which famous American woman appears on a coin, fought to give women the same rights as men—including the right to vote—and was born on Feb. 15, 1820?

8. February is the shortest month on our yearly calendar (28 days), but every four years we add one day as a time correction. What do we call a year in which Feb. 29 occurs? (Hint: 2016 was one.)

9. Who is the famous American baseball player born on Feb. 5, 1934, who broke Babe Ruth’s home run record?

10. Who was the inventor of the electric light bulb born on Feb. 11, 1847?

11. What American entertainer born on Feb.14, 1894 started his career in vaudeville and had a show in the early days of television? (Hint: His initials were J.B.)

12. Which well-known president is reported to have said, “Father, I cannot tell a lie”? George Washington or Abraham Lincoln?

Happy February,

Dr. Linda

Answers: 1. George Washington  2. Abraham Lincoln  3. Valentine’s Day  4. Feb. 2  5. Frederick Douglass  6. Charles Lindbergh  7. Susan B. Anthony  8. Leap Year  9. Henry “Hank” Aaron  10. Thomas Alva Edison  11. Jack Benny  12. George Washington