To the editor,                                                       

That is the question I would ask myself when I was working long nights as an ER nurse. Missing out on many holidays and kids’ activities while my husband and I were trying to send our four kids to good schools and still instill in them honesty, respect and moral virtues. After all, success is not measured by how much money one makes but by the type of person they become. That is our legacy.

So, when our oldest daughter, Christi, graduated from North Salem High School, went to College of the Holy Cross and then on to Villanova Law School, we were extremely proud. She chose to work in the state court system in Putnam County as well as justice in her own town, where her moral ethics and her ability to listen and judge fairly has been recognized. That is why she is being endorsed in her bid for NYS Supreme Court Judge by all the groups she has worked with—i.e. police, state troopers, fire department, labor unions and court officers—all non-political.

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She has also received “highly qualified “approval from five different screening committees, also non-political

So please get out and vote for Judge Christi J. Acker for NYS Supreme Court on Nov. 7—a woman of integrity, intelligence and fairness.

Barbara Acker