To the editor,

I am asking voters to come out on November 5, and vote for Judge Joseph Spofford for Putnam County Court Judge, because experience does matter.  Joe Spofford has been a Judge in Carmel for the last 20 years and presides over Carmel court which averages approximately 50-70 a night and his court meets four times a month. In addiction Judge Spofford has been a practicing attorney for 33 years.

Judge Spofford is a compassionate man who treats everyone with dignity and respect. Judge Spofford understands that sometimes there are underlying issues that can be the root cause of why a defendant may be before his court.  Judge Spofford is a strong proponent of helping people who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol or if they have mental health issues.  Judge Spofford works closely with the District Attorney’s Office and outside agencies in trying to help those who come before him get the help they need.

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On the other hand, if you are before Judge Spofford and crime is the life you chose to live, Judge Spofford has no problem sending criminals to jail if necessary.

There is a reason why the Town of Carmel PBA,  the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department PBA, the Affiliated Police Association of Westchester County, the NYS Fraternal Order of Police, the Westchester County Correction Superior Officers Association and the PBA of the New York State Troopers, Inc. have all endorsed Judge Spofford to be our next County Court Judge.

These law enforcement agencies, many of whom are in Judge Spofford’s court often know firsthand that Judge Spofford is the most experienced and is best prepared to serve as our next Putnam County Court Judge.

 Robert Buckley