MAHOPAC, N.Y.-A break in a water main on Route 6N left businesses along the corridor without water for about three hours on Saturday afternoon.

Town engineer Rich Franzetti said a saddle—the part that diverts water from the main to a specific customer—broke, causing water to surge out of the pipe and flood the adjacent Crossroads Deli.

It also briefly caused icy conditions at the Route 6/6N intersection where water flowed onto the road.

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“We didn’t have to close the road, but we had a [police] car there for a few hours as a precaution,” said Police Chief Mike Cazzari.

Franzetti said he doesn’t know whether the problem was caused by the frigid temperatures.

“It might have been, but we can’t know for sure,” he said, “though the weather did work against us trying to get to it. There were icy conditions and the frost line was at 30 inches. That is almost unheard of at this time of year. But that is what hampered us getting it fixed quicker than we did.”

Franzetti said the problem was first reported at 7 a.m. and work crews began trying to isolate the leak.

“The approach is to always isolate what you can without impacting the greater good,” he said.

But Franzetti said the water had to be turned off to make repairs.

“We don’t normally operate like that—when we have to shut off everybody,” he said. “But the guys can’t work with the pipe under pressure and we had to find the leak. We didn’t want to close the whole [business district] on a Saturday, but we weren’t able to isolate [the leak without doing it].”

Franzetti said water service was shut down along the Route 6N business corridor from about 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.

He said repair crews worked as quickly as they could under the brutal weather conditions.

“It was tough, I can tell you. I was out for about four hours,” he said. “It was an unfortunate set of circumstances.”

Crossroads Deli had to close to remove water and mud from the business but had planned to reopen on Tuesday, Jan. 9.