My liberal counterpart in this publication is about my age. Maybe I am the baby of the group, but we all have had the same seminal experiences of our youth: Vietnam, the civil rights movement and Watergate. These are what shaped our political perspectives.

Looking back, maybe, just maybe those who thought Nixon was really deserving of his fate cannot be faulted for thinking so. It was once said that history is not one thing after another, but the same damn thing over and over again. So, when I see the Watergate mentality rearing its ugly head again, I would have thought those who lived through it would have learned from it. Sad to say, my colleagues have not. I do not know why it bothers me, but it does.

Since Watergate, the media has tried to make it happen again. “It” being the taking down of a duly elected president. Every whiff of scandal from Reagan to Bush 41 to Clinton to Bush 43 has the “-gate” added to it. Then, the cries of “impeachment” are heard. When that does not happen, they try by forcing him to resign, and they do that by seeing to it that he loses the support of the American people. How do they do that? They do it with never-ending innuendo.

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That is how they got Nixon. They drove his poll numbers so low, he was told by his chief of staff that he no longer had the support of his party and he would be impeached. The problem is, as of now, in spite of the relentless onslaught of negative press since election night and even before, Trump’s poll numbers are not declining. Enough of the American people do not hate Trump yet, but the media is doing its best to make the American people hate Trump.

So, what’s the claim against Trump versus the claim against Nixon? A little history lesson is called for. “The plumbers” went into the offices of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate Hotel. The head of the Democratic National Committee at the time was a guy named Lawrence O’Brien, and these plumbers went in there and they left evidence of their presence. They put masking tape over the locks on the door so that when they left, the doors would not lock so they could get back in. Their original purpose was to plant listening devices in the offices of the Democratic National Committee. They failed. When it became known what had happened, this was initially called a “third-rate burglary.” The media saw their opening and just wouldn’t let it go. They kept building it up and building it up to something in people’s minds that was far more than a third-rate burglary.

History has shown that Nixon did not order the original job. However, it ended up that Nixon didn’t want to sell his people out. Nixon was simply trying to arrange for some money so that some of these people could mount a defense. He played it wrong. So, now we come to Trump. It is important to remember all that happened while Obama was president.

The Barack Obama administration not only tried to bug the Trump campaign, it succeeded. The Obama administration succeeded in planting an informant in the Trump campaign. Actually, since this was considered a national security inquiry, the proper terminology is they put a spy in the Trump campaign. This, we know. It’s been confirmed. We know that it happened. We don’t know the timing yet. We don’t know at what stage of the campaign the spy was planted in the Trump campaign; however, we now know that the Obama administration used a political opposition research document, the Steele dossier, which was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee, and they tried to make it appear as though it was legitimate and real intelligence. We also know it was all fake. It was made up.

None of it was corroborated. None of it was verified.

I know that if you read The New York Times or watch CNN or MSNBC, their experts say that it was true. Those experts rely on the same people who put this operation in place. What the hell do you think they are going to say?

So, if you want to draw a Watergate parallel, you have to draw the parallel not to Trump. Trump hasn’t bugged anybody. Trump has not planted listening devices. Trump does not have informants. He did not have informants in the Hillary campaign. That was all Obama! Nixon’s plumbers, they tried to leave a bug inside the headquarters; it didn’t work. Obama put an actual human being in Trump’s campaign! Nixon knew nothing about the plumbers.

The overriding question during Watergate was, “What did Nixon know, and when did he know it?” So, now the question becomes, “What did Obama know about the mole in the Trump campaign, and when did he know it?” So, if you really want to draw the Watergate analogy, it points right to Barack Obama.

This is where the comparison ends. None of that is being investigated. No one in the mainstream press is asking the questions. The lesson of Watergate was: “The cover-up is worse than the crime.” I have concluded that this entire investigation of Trump is actually a cover-up of the Obama intelligence community. The Department of Justice, the FBI did to try to entrap Trump during the campaign and to corrupt his transition period after he won the election in an effort to destroy or paralyze his presidency.

I know that my liberal colleagues do not like Trump or his policies, and it saddens me that they do not see this. That, because they do not like Trump or his policies, they are OK with it. To them, what happened during the Nixon campaign was wrong. Then, what happened during the Trump campaign was equally wrong. That is what bothers me, and it is a damn shame.

This is what I say. What say you?