While You Were Being Distracted by Other News

Next time you hear or read about cyber-bullying, or any kind of bullying from Democrats, just vomit.

If there is one party that makes bullying part of their modus operandi, it is the Democratic Party. Should one of theirs go off the reservation, hell hath no fury like a Democrat scorned. All you need for proof is the reaction entertainers were getting if they even hinted they might perform at the inauguration. The very definition of bullying.

• Defunding Planned Parenthood does not jeopardize women’s health. There are numerous government-sponsored programs, from the federal level to the state level to the county level, that provide the same services as Planned Parenthood. The difference, and why Planned Parenthood is such a sacred cow, is government agencies cannot provide funding for abortion because of what is known as the Hyde Amendment. This amendment prohibits government-funded abortions. Planned Parenthood is a private entity and therefore can provide the funding for abortions. A good portion of their services are dedicated to just that.

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Considering that a recent report revealed that eight people have more wealth than most of the world’s population combined, and that most on the list are liberal Democrats, let them provide the funding if Planned Parenthood is such an important private entity. Same goes for NPR. There is no need for the people of the United States to fund these with their tax dollars. These are liberal entities, so let the liberals fund them.

• Repealing Obamacare with or without a replacement will not result in people dying on the streets as a result of not being able to get healthcare. They were not dying on the streets before Obamacare and will not after. Laws mandated that anyone entering an emergency room get required treatment regardless of ability to pay. Those laws are still on the books. These laws are not in jeopardy.

Most of the so-called 20 million people insured under Obamacare are enrolled in expanded Medicaid, which is paid for by removing monies from Medicare. So Obamacare takes monies from a government program senior citizens paid for all their working lives and is redistributed to a government program for people who did not pay for it.

In spite of what you read or hear, the only party that has put Medicare in jeopardy is the Democratic Party. By removing the $700 million a year to fund Medicaid, the Democrats have forced Medicare to ration. If a senior is 85 and needs a hip replacement, it will be denied because their life expectancy is limited. Medicaid serves the young. Medicare serves the old. The young will live longer and vote longer. You may think I am being cynical; however, it is as simple as that—no more, no less.

• In the near future, when you are cursing Con Ed for your higher energy bills, you will be cursing the wrong ones. Who you should be cursing is King Andrew Cuomo. When and if Indian Point is shut down, we will be paying higher energy costs because: 1) Cuomo banned fracking, forcing energy companies to import natural gas from neighboring states. Same goes for the oil some of you need for your heating. And, 2) your fees on your electric bill are being hiked to subsidize upstate nuclear plants that have threatened to close. As for wind power, it is much more expensive and not as reliable as you are being led to believe.

All of this is because our governor wants to run for president in 2020. He wanted to run last year, but Hillary wanted it and he was not going to make the same mistake he made when he tried to take the Democratic nod for governor away from Carl McCall. Again, not being cynical, just being honest. Mark my words, save this column. You will find I was right and ahead of the curve.

This is what I say. What say you?

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