The prevailing wisdom is that Obama and his policies created The Donald. This is what the Washington establishment, so-called conservative talking heads and Democrats with bylines in the media comfort themselves when trying to explain why The Donald’s lead continues to widen in the polls. This, of course, is after the usual call of: “His supporters are bigots, xenophobes, racists, sexists, you name it,” does not help them sleep at night.

This is not true. Obama and his policies created the Tea Party.  Remember that Tea stands for “Taxed enough already.”  Specifically, it was Obamacare and the sneaky way it became law.  The Donald is purely a creation of the Republican Party.

This is the Republican Party that in 2010 ran on the platform of “elect us and we will stop Obamacare by not funding it.” They won the House and promptly funded it and everything else Obama wanted. Their excuse was: “We are only one-half of one-third of the government, and the Senate would just block us and the government would shutdown.”

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So in 2014, we gave the Republicans not only greater increase in the House, but nine Senate seats, giving them a majority of 55 seats. Yet before the new members could be sworn-in, the House passed a budget that again funded everything Obama wanted.  However, they said when the new members are sworn-in, next year (2016) will be different. They lied.

This new budget for fiscal year 2016 gave Obama everything he wanted, even though their new House Speaker Paul Ryan said it would be different. It was not. It was worse. This budget gives more funding for programs for non-citizens while telling us we cannot afford to give Social Security recipients a cost of living increase. This budget gives more to non-citizens and makes citizens pay for it. This is what the Democrats wanted and this is what the Republicans gave them. There is something very wrong with this picture.

Remember next November it was Congressman Maloney, Congresswoman Lowey and Sen. Schumer that voted for this.  In their world, the non-citizen has a greater priority than you.  Certainly more than your grandparents or parents. Vote for them and you believe it, too.

We are being told this is the best they could do with the deadline and possible government shutdown looming. They said it would have been worse if Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats controlled the House and Harry Reid controlled the Senate. How? Everything the Democrats wanted and more was in this budget. How do I know?  Because Sen. Schumer took to the news shows to tell us. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Again, how? Easy. The voters gave the Republicans these majorities to stop funding Obama’s agenda. The Republicans wanted the majority so they could control the money and committees. Remember, Obamacare alone transfers one-sixth of private wealth and gives it to Washington. It has and will always be about the money. This new Republican Party has morphed into a government-centric party no different than the Democrat Party and only exists to perpetuate itself, its power, its self-importance and government. Thus no longer making them public servants but instead making us the servant public.

They told us that if they did not give everything to the Democrats, it would not be Democrats blamed for a government shutdown, but Republicans and they would lose in next year’s election. This was a lie that would make Pinocchio jealous: 1) 83 percent of the government never shuts down; 2) the shutdown of 2013, which lasted 16 days had no effect on the 2014 elections; 3) as you are reading this, more of the government is shut down until after the first of the year because of the holidays than any budget impasse shutdown would impose.

So, when the Republicans were in the minority, we were told there was nothing they could do. Now when they are in the majority, we are told there is nothing they could do. It is always: “We can’t, we can’t, we can’t.” Here comes the Donald saying: “We do not win anymore.” Then he says “I can, I can, I can.”

In the last debate, you had all of the Republicans trying to show us how much stronger they are than the Democrats on national security, telling us they would send troops, planes you name it to the Middle East and send ISIS and Al-Qaeda to kingdom come.  How were they going to pay for it? Who knows? Then comes The Donald saying, and rightly so, screw their civil wars. Not our business. All it has done is increase the destabilization of the area.  Instead, the best way to protect us is to stop letting people from that region in until we have the ability, which according to the head of the FBI we at this point do not have, to know who it is exactly we are letting in.

Stop sending our money to that region for oil and instead let us get our own. If we are to bomb, bomb their oil so they cannot fund and export their terrorism. Use the billions we would send there and spend it here on our needs. Use it to help the vets and fix the infrastructure. Secure our borders!

You see, and it is here that the Republicans created The Donald, because the Republicans as a whole will not admit, out of fear of being called names, that the immigration policy that this new budget continues to fund is at the heart of our economic and national security woes. The majority of the people know it and with their votes have said it. The Donald knows it, says it, people listen. The Republicans and Democrats only listen to their donors.

This is what I say. What say you?