Welcome again to Susan Berliner's world, a place where strange things—both good and bad—happen. In these 13 stories, readers will encounter a variety of genres, from thriller and horror to sci-fi and humor. Meet some of the inhabitants:

* Dennie. Her parents look the same—but everything else about them is different. (The Imposters)

* Ken. What happens when he gets the opportunity to relive a pivotal moment of his youth? (Do Over)

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* Megan. Like many young children, she's afraid of crows. But these are not ordinary birds. (Megan's Crows)

* Deb. She tries on a sorcerer's hat. How much harm can that cause? (Hat Trick)

* George. The woman at his doorstep claims to be his dead mother. (George's Mother)

* Alex. She's offered a chance to be thinner. Is it worth it? (Skinny Alex)

* Tina. Who's phoning her—and what does the caller want? ("507-9302")

* Jayda. Her new eyeglasses prove to be extraordinary. (Visionary Girl)

* Ruben. Why is he given a key—and what door does it open? (The Key)

GEORGE'S MOTHER and Other Weird Tales can be purchased online as a paperback or ebook or ordered at bookstores. For details, see www.susanberliner.com

SUSAN BERLINER is the author of short stories (The Sea Crystal and Other Weird Tales) and supernatural thrillers (DUST, Peachwood Lake, The Disappearance, Corsonia, After the Bubbles, Soldier Girl). She's been a newspaper reporter, editor, promotion manager, and nonfiction writer. Susan lives with her husband, Larry, in Yorktown Heights, New York.