For the first time in memory, on the Forbes List of the world’s most powerful men, the president of the United States is third. Usually, Russia (which is first this year) alternates with the United States between one and two.

Now, Democrats might like to write this off as media bias against the president. However, the story in the Canadian Free Press pretty much explains this. Here is the title of the story: “Putin Warns ISIS—Obama Warns School District about Girls Shower Room.”

Over there, Putin is fighting ISIS, who is taking credit for blowing a Russian airplane out of the sky. Over here, Obama is worried over less than 1 percent of the population not getting to take showers with the girls. If you are a reader of mainstream media, you may not know what I am talking about.

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Well, it is not complicated. You have a boy who thinks he is a girl and wants to play on girls’ sports teams and be allowed into the girls’ locker room and shower with the girls. Even though accommodations have already been put in place by the school district, it is not good enough.

Now the American Civil Liberties Union has come to the boy’s defense. On top of this, you have President Obama warning that the school will lose its Title IX federal funding if it does not give in to the boy’s demands.

It is important to note the boy has had no genital alterations. This means his male anatomy would be seen by any and all girls showering. Any discomfort or other feelings the girls and their parents might have are to be ignored or else, according to our president.

So we have a world where ISIS kills and beheads Christians and other infidels, followed by a world on the verge of World War III. In the White House we have a president who is concerned with what takes place in a girls’ shower room. Is it any wonder why he is number three?

In other “news,” we have this from Politico: “Ben Carson Admits Fabricating West Point Scholarship.” The way this is written, the author wants you to think that Ben Carson has said he attended West Point and he attended on a scholarship and that Politico has found out that he didn’t attend; that he lied about going to West Point, and they’ve got the proof.

Here is the problem: Dr. Carson neither wrote nor said this. What he said is that in 1969, during the height of the Vietnam War, he met with General Westmoreland when he (Carson) was a top ROTC recruit. Westmoreland started talking up West Point to him, as he would any top ROTC recruit, and among the things he was promoting was a four-year scholarship (which was a term used back then). Fact is, then and now, everybody that goes to West Point pays nothing because you are making a commitment to them: Four years of undergraduate study and two years of commissioned service.

There’s an application process. What Carson has said and wrote is that he never applied. He said his goal is in medicine. So of course, when the author checked with administrations at West Point, they would have no record of his application. He never applied and said so in black and white! The Politico story is a lie meant to take out Carson as they did with Herman Cain in 2012.

So what is this really about? In spite of what you read and hear from the media about the first Democrat debate, we did get a confirmation that Hillary Clinton knew within the first 24 hours that the attack on the Benghazi embassy was not due to a video seen worldwide by, at that time, 120 people on YouTube. She notified her daughter and the Egyptian president that it was a terrorist attack. She acknowledged this at the debate, and of course there was no follow up.

This video nonsense was conducted to help President Obama get re-elected. Remember, his template was that Al-Qaeda was on the run. So in this effort, they imprisoned an innocent man and took away his liberty! All so the President could be re-elected. As this person is a conservative, to Democrats to this day, it is alright to have a political prisoner for the greater good.

In a just world this alone should disqualify Hillary. Talk about slippery slopes; where do you think this would stop? She lied and a man was imprisoned. Now we have Dr. Carson. He is leading in some polls. How do you take him out? One way is to make him out to be a liar even if one has to lie themselves to do so. Remember, it is for the greater good. We are to believe there is a moral equivalency between Carson’s alleged lie and Hillary’s admitted lie.

With all that we know, forget alleged, in what universe is Hillary Clinton more qualified than Donald Trump or Ben Carson?

This is what I say. What say you?


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