A work commitment prevented me from attending the special meeting this past Thursday at Town Hall, on the downtown revitalization project.  I did, however, watch it on YouTube - as much of it as I could stomach anyway, as it was two hours of Mahopac Point residents putting their contempt for common folks and self-importance on full display, while self-awareness took the night off.  Nearly every proposal related to public use of the Swan Cove property was met with scorn and a "What about us?" attitude.  Most of the hope I had for Swan Cove being a good thing for the community is now lost, as the Point residents will come out, in force, to every meeting related to public amenities at the park, and fight them tooth and nail, while the rest of the town sits on the sidelines (like they did last Thursday).  And if they don't get their way with the Town, they'll turn to the courts.  Count on it.  These people clearly like the bubble they live inside, and, unfortunately for the rest of us, their bubble is situated right in the heart of the downtown area.

Vince Thomas