To the editor,

Once again Mr. Bazzo, in his Feb. 8, column cherry picks facts, ignores other facts, passes along lies and spins so fast to the right that it’s amazing he doesn’t drill himself into the earth.

Bazzo is correct—the economy is doing well, and we should give credit where credit is due. Thank you, President Obama for taking the economy from the brink of another depression to where it was when President Trump took office. It took eight years without any help from the Republicans on this, almost no votes on stimulus or the bail out of the auto industry, or saving the banks from the hole they created.  

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President Trump wants to take credit for being born on third base and claiming he hit a triple. He takes credit for low black unemployment, but what policy has he put in that achieved this? He takes credit for a soaring stock market, but does he take credit for the recent crash? When Walmart is giving bonuses to employees and raising their wages he takes credit, but does he take credit for them closing stores and laying off other workers? He talks about reaching out to Democrats, but has he really? On what point has he ever reached out? Health care? Taxes? The environment? The Supreme Court nominees?

You would think that Bazzo never saw a State of the Union speech before. Where has he been for eight years when Obama was president and the Republicans sat on their hands when he talked of great things, when the country clawed its way out the recession, when the troops came home, when the stock market also reached the highest highs up to that point? Where was the respect for the president then? Where was the patriotism?

Finally, Bazzo, check the video tape (or YouTube). The Democrats did applaud the heroes/guests that were introduced, including Ji Seong-Ho. In the words of the Republican congressman who heckled President Obama at another State of Union address, “You lie!”