To the editor,

I am so glad that Mr. Anthony DiCarlo is our new superintendent of schools in Mahopac. I know Mr. DiCarlo from his years serving as a councilman for the town of Carmel. He always impressed me with his honesty, intelligence, thoughtfulness and personable demeanor.

After the revolving door our district has had with superintendents in the past, it is comforting to know that the turnover has finally stopped.

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My daughter is presently attending Mahopac Middle School and after the huge loss of principal Vince DiGrandi last year, I am so relieved that she will have some continuity during her high school years.

In my opinion, the Mahopac School District has been plagued with figurehead superintendents who have come in for a year or two only to pad their pockets just a little bit more before they fully retire.

I feel a sense of relief that the Mahopac School District finally has a superintendent that has a genuine concern for our students, as well as the community. 

We are lucky to have found Mr. DiCarlo right in our own backyard and I hope he stays until the day he is ready to retire.