To the editor,

After having read a recent article (published Feb. 1) titled “Health officials: Radon risk in Putnam County remains high,” I felt inclined to write and express my own opinion. 

The article, provided by the Putnam County Health Department, quotes the NYS Department of Health’s interim Commissioner Dr. Michael J. Nesheiwat as stating, “Radon definitely contributes to the high lung cancer death rate in Putnam County.” Being a concerned resident, I contacted the Putnam County Health Department and requested confirmation. The office was unable to provide information on a single case of a resident of Putnam County whose death was attributed to radon. I then contacted the NYS Department of Health, which subsequently referred me to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General’s Office.

Sign Up for E-News lists as fact that “as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths are caused each year by radon,” a parroted fabrication. I have yet to find evidence citing a single documented case of death due to radon.

In conclusion, does not the role of editor entail a process by which, when selecting to publish information, it is determined to be correct, consistent and accurate? Your publication’s recent article is more akin to the aforementioned website’s erroneous claims and are a slippery slope of subterfuge.

I dread what may be next: “Health officials: Beware insurance carriers now require home radon inspections in Putnam” or “Life insurance policy rates skyrocket in Putnam County due to radon.”