To the editor,

I am a Vietnam veteran and proud Democrat. I love my flag, but most of all, I love my country, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Four years ago, we as a country fell into an abyss with the election of Donald Trump. The made-for-TV president promised America that things under his administration would be so great that we would get tired of winning. Bumbling trade policies and senseless tariffs have led to our largest trade deficit ever. Overseas markets for our farmers have collapsed. Trump’s solution? Shelling out $60 billion to our farmers to plow their unwanted crops under to keep them afloat, which to me is Trump’s own brand of socialism.

Then there was the massive Trump tax cut which favored the rich and large corporations. It tossed a pittance to the American people and screwed the taxpayers in states like New York and California by limiting their federal tax deductions to a maximum of $10,000. This was Trump’s way of punishing states run by Democratic governors. This happened as Trump moved his domicile to Florida to avoid New York taxes.
Look, I can go on about Trump wanting to do away with our Social Security by eliminating the FICA payroll tax which funds Social Security (seniors, please pay attention) or eliminating the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is now a case in front of the Supreme Court. This case supported and backed by Trump and his fellow Republicans, want this elimination done, in the middle of a pandemic, before Election Day, to satisfy his base. The ACA, which I hope everyone knows, covers pre-existing health conditions, such as cancer and now coronavirus, for all healthcare plans on the market. The ACA also covers over 20 million Americans with healthcare coverage which they will lose if the ACA is eliminated. So, if you have a pre-existing healthcare condition, or will lose your healthcare, please don’t get sick.

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Trump’s Treasury Department has shortchanged the 9/11 Fund of $4 billion that was set aside to help our first responders. Where did that money go to?

 Trump has taken billions of dollars from our military defense budget to build his fantasy wall, which Mexico was going to pay for, remember? Only 5 miles of new fencing has been built, some of which has been built on private property without the owner’s consent. His mishandling of the coronavirus, which by year’s end could kill over 400,000 Americans is a failure of epic proportions. His discrediting and hobbling of the United States Postal Service to undermine mail-in voting. He has run up the largest federal deficit in history.  He has attempted, and in some cases, succeeded in politicizing our FBI, Justice Department, CIA and National Intelligence. But most infuriating and unamerican is his disrespect for our veterans, POW/MIAs, war heroes like John McCain and disrespecting Gold Star families and even going as far as accusing them of giving him the coronavirus.
So I ask you why would you vote for a Putin-puppet who has proven himself to be a liar, a divider, a con man, a fraud, a person who doesn’t pay his taxes and prides himself in having multiple bankruptcies (keeps him from paying his creditors), a racist and most of all, a failure. Personal loyalty to him is more important than loyalty to the Constitution or the country.
Please use your vote wisely. Restore confidence in America. Vote the Democratic team, Vote blue. Let us keep America from going further down into a spiraling cesspool like it has under Trump and all of the so-called Republican politicians and candidates who support him. Let’s win, America. Vote Trump out of office. 
Bob Ferguson