In my last letter to the editor, entitled "So Bored With This Board", I singled out Councilwoman Suzi McDonough for some rather poorly chosen words.  That was unfair of me, because verbal gaffes are the least of what's wrong with this board.  And there's no one person who deserves the brunt of the criticism, but rather all of them, collectively.

When I look at our next door neighbors in Yorktown, who are running circles around us, in terms of economic development, I can't help but wonder if it's all due to geography and demographics, or if it's at least due in some part to a young, thirty-something Supervisor who is eager to prove himself, and to a politically, and ethnically diverse Town Board that surely resembles the community it serves more closely than ours does.  When I tune into our Town Board meetings each week, I see no one under the age of 50; I see no one who looks like they have to wonder if they can afford their next mortgage payment, or that next auto repair bill; I see one color; one party, waging an uncivil war against itself in the local press and on social media; I see the products of a political machine that will churn out as many photo-op attendees, with painted-on smiles, to shake hands, and wave at cars, as it needs to, in order to maintain its grip on our town, and county.

Our town has been stuck in the mud for decades because we keep blindly voting against our interests, and voting in these devices from an obsolete old boys network that desperately needs to be taken offline.  We've somehow bought into the preposterous idea that party affiliation matters on local issues.  And we enable their complacency, by allowing many of them to run unopposed, or under-opposed.  Where's the incentive to do better when you never have to look over your shoulder, and you can vote for your own pay raises?  Why be transparent when all of your colleagues are operating under the same code of silence, and there's no dissenting voice(s) to hold you accountable?

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Other nearby communities seem to do more with less than what our town has to offer.  I'm not saying I want our town turned into a sea of big box stores and chain restaurants.  Far from it.  But some middle ground, between that, and ghost town, would be nice. I have no faith in the current regime to deliver that to us.  They will continue to spin their wheels, on your dime, until the machine places them elsewhere, or until they've had enough.  If, like me, you've had enough of them, and want better for this town, maybe it's time to start voting with your eyes open.

Don't mistake my words for merely being Republican bashing.  I'm not letting the local Dems off the hook either, because they've done absolutely nothing to inspire my confidence in them.  That's a rudderless ship, if there ever was one.  They seem to be more interested in coming up with their next clapback or mic drop on their political opponents, than coming up with viable candidates.  My advice to them is, get your act together, or the blood's on your hands too.