To the editor,

Regarding the closing of Healy’s Corner Bar, before it was Healy’s, it was Happy Valley. Actually, the whole county was a “Happy Valley” in those times (if maybe a little ingrown, prejudicial enclave, but there was community). I went to a wedding reception there in the Fifties.

The Hide-a-Way, a nice restaurant/bar on Baldwin Place Road, just north of Myrtle Avenue, became a topless bar and then just disappeared. Now there’s no evidence it was ever there!

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There was The Harmony on Route 6, operated by Kisslingers, a German family. The grandmother made the food. It lost some style and became The Lake Lounge, then some other names, then Social on 6. Of course, it’s still here!

There was a taxi cab business run out of the gas station by Dunkin’ Donuts on Route 6 in Mahopac. When we were school-age, I and my brother could go there and get a ride home and it would go on a monthly tab—people knew each other! (Of course, some of the people arriving even then wanted to get a ride to Macki-Pack.) Many of the residents might be characters if they were so inclined to live their own way! It was different times, but I think it’s time again for us to start thinking about each other—even if it’s a much bigger world!