Whenever you doubt that God is just, remember last Monday. That is the day New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned.

As you know, I have had him in my sights for a long time. He has squandered our tax dollars with more than 100 lawsuits against the Trump administration. Plus, his lawsuits against Big Oil and trying to nullify our double jeopardy laws. Most will go nowhere as they were for the purpose of enhancing his reputation among the Resistance. Those are the people who are against all things Trump, even things they were in favor of before Trump (i.e., pulling out of the Iran deal). Schneiderman was one of their golden boys. His one success against Trump (Trump U) put him on top of the list.

While he was wasting our tax dollars chasing windmills, there has been rampant corruption in New York state government going on right under his nose. It was not his office unearthing it; it was the feds cleaning our house. Instead of that fight, the one that would help clean up the Albany cesspool, he found another way to get his face on the news. The Harvey Weinstein expose in The New Yorker by Ronan Farrow was the pathway into the “me too” movement. He was, as New York’s top crime-fighter, going to fight for abused women.

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So, here is Eric Schneiderman on Jan. 21, at New York City’s Women’s March: “I’m Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and I am your lawyer. We are no longer just the resistance. We are no longer here just in opposition to something. We are here to commit ourselves to fighting for justice and equality and freedom and making sure our government delivers on those promises. A woman who cannot control her body is not truly free. Are we ready to fight against male supremacy in all its forms?”

This moment is important. All his lawsuits are important. Nothing operates in a vacuum. I have repeatedly told you, when it comes to Democrats, especially liberal Democrats, it is the agenda first, the quest for power second, and everything else is a hook to obtain those objectives. I have told you that if you look up the definition of hypocrite, you will find a picture of a leading Democrat. Who exactly depends on where you live.

Last week in The New Yorker, another story by Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer came out, and this time it was our attorney general who became the hypocrite du jour. In the story, two progressive women went public with the news that Eric Schneiderman beat them up. Two others remained anonymous for fear of retaliation. He choked them, slapped them—in bed or out; clothes on or clothes off. Four women accuse this man of physical abuse, and his response is that it was always consensual.

However, this is not a sex story; it is a story about abuse. It is about violence that actually led to some of these women going to the hospital. One woman, a native of Sri Lanka, recounts how he called her his “brown slave” and slapped her until she called him “master.” Yet, there he was in January: “Are we ready to fight against male supremacy in all its forms?” Last week, he found out the answer is “yes.”

In the story, one woman says he followed up the abuse with threats, telling her he could have her followed and have her phones tapped. Two of the women said he threatened to kill them if they broke up with him. To prove I am right that the agenda and power are first and foremost, in the story we find out that two of these women who finally went public against Eric Schneiderman were counseled by other progressive, feminist women in New York not to say anything.

They were told to let it go! To take it on the chin, so to speak. Why? Because Schneiderman is too important in getting Trump. Liberal feminists were advising these women to stay silent.

It reminds me of the days when leading feminist organizations hailed serial wife abuser Ted Kennedy as the “lion” of the Senate, and how they stayed silent about the peccadilloes of Bill Clinton. They sacrifice the victims to the altar of their agenda. 

However, do not worry, for right after the crap hit the fan, over at CNN, Brian Stelter told his audience that the New York Attorney General’s Office will not be deterred in its effort to get Trump. Wow! Until that point, I did not know that this is what we are paying the attorney general’s office for. Not fighting corruption in Albany or anywhere else in New York State. Not fighting crime. We are paying them to fight Trump. Think about that when you go to vote in November.

This is what I say. What say you?