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The Art of the Deal

I have written repeatedly that the media cannot separate Trump from his supporters.  They did not create him, so they, no matter how hard they have tried, cannot take him down. Only Trump can separate himself from his supporters.

Last Thursday I woke up to headlines saying Trump, Schumer and Pelosi have brokered a deal that will enshrine amnesty on the “Dreamers,” promise more funds for border security, and no money allotted for “the wall.” We are to believe that Trump has abandoned his platform and now adopted the Democratic platform. After all, is this not how Republicans normally behave once they get to Washington? They compromise by jettisoning their principals.

However, to believe this is happening now, we have to believe Trump does not realize that by making a deal with Chuck and Nancy to take the wall off the table while granting amnesty, he would blow up his entire support base. We have to believe the narrative that Trump does not know what he is doing, and is so inept that Schumer and Pelosi were able to roll him. We have to believe that Trump is so desperate to get any kind of deal, he will capitulate on everything to make it happen. We have to believe that even though the Republicans control all the levers of power, Schumer is the most powerful person in Washington. Understandable, after all how much face time has Schumer been granted by the media since Trump won. Do you remember how much face time McConnell had during the four years he was majority leader during the Obama presidency?

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Yet, day after day, headlines read “Democrats demand this...” or “Democrats will not allow that to happen...” How about back in January when Schumer went on the Sunday talk shows to say the only way Trump will get anything done in Washington is to abandon his Republican base and adopt the Democratic platform? Or the best: “Democrats propose articles of impeachment against Trump,” as if they are in the position to actually do something. So, last week, we are being told that Trump finally capitulated to Schumer’s will.

So you read articles from “conservative” talking heads saying they are abandoning Trump because he abandoned them. Most of these talking heads were “never Trumpers” to begin with, especially those from National Review. Remember, during the primary they devoted an entire issue saying “never Trump.” They, even though Trump won, have not changed their stripes. Then, you have others like Ann Coulter who cannot see that while everyone else is playing checkers, Trump is playing chess.  They still do not see the big picture. They fall into the trap that history starts when you wake up in the morning.

The media’s agenda has not changed. It has always been: “How can we separate Trump from his base?” So now, we get this latest try. Yet, when one looks the next day, you see that Schumer and Pelosi now say, “We have a deal, only the details have to be worked out.” What?!?!?! If there details have to be worked out, then there is no deal! When one looks at the next day, Trump has already tweeted “there is no deal.” He gets off the plane in Florida and says there is no deal without the wall, because without the wall you have done nothing.

Yet, even after this, the media still blares out headlines: “Trump dumps base.” I keep telling you when it comes to the media vs. Trump, you cannot trust the media. It still amazes me how many so-called smartest people in the room still do not see that the media is trying to separate Trump from his base. I am telling you, and you watch, the comprise will be a wall, more money for border security, then amnesty for the “dreamers.” I am telling you, if that is the final deal, the conservatives will accept it.  Oh, they will bitch and moan. However in the end, they will take two-thirds of a loaf.  That is the “art of the deal.”

This is what I say. What say you? 

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