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The DACA Dilemma and the Trick of the Trickle-Down Theory

Here is our very own Sen. Charles Schumer on the Senate floor last week: “President Trump has stood in the way of a bipartisan solution to DACA, a problem he created in the first place, and yet the president is in this dream world. He thinks, ‘Oh, I can blame Democrats for the impasse.’ As I said, only in the 1984 world where up is down and black is white could this be true. Only in a 1984 world where up is down and black is white would the American public blame Democrats for this.”

This, after shutting down the government recently over this, AND getting blamed for it! I mean, how out of touch, how delusional must one be to stand on the floor of the Senate and say this? Of course people blame the Democrats for this DACA mess. It was, after all, President Obama trying to legislate from the executive branch that started this. It was unconstitutional. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals said so. It was not Trump nullifying Obama’s directive. Jeff Sessions was just repeating what the Fifth Circuit ruled.

Since then, Trump, as the winner of the last presidential election, made a reasonable starting point offer to make a pathway to citizenship for the so-called DACA children. It is the Democrats, who are in the minority, who think they can dictate terms of this legislation. What are those terms? A clean DACA bill. Not going to happen. I wrote in my column last year (Sept. 14, 2017, “Is there a DACA in the house?”) that the deal would be a pathway to citizenship combined with funding for a border wall, more money for security and changes to our immigration system. If the Democrats continue to insist on a clean bill, nothing will happen and it will be the Democrats’ fault. Quite frankly, I do not think the Democrats want a solution. They want the issue going into the 2018 midterm elections, DACA “children” be damned!

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More from Senator Schumer last week: “Republicans made a conscious decision to give corporations and the wealthiest Americans the lion’s share of the tax cuts and promised it would trickle down to everyone else. Unfortunately, trickle-down never works, and it’s not what’s happening now. Corporate America is doing what’s best for corporate America. And working America is getting left behind. It goes to show you just who President Trump and Republicans were working for when they crafted their tax bill. It gave corporations and the wealthiest Americans a huge tax cut and cut out everybody else.”

Talk about tone-deaf. Talk about the rewriting of history: “Unfortunately, trickle-down never works.” He is talking about the Reagan tax cuts. He is saying only the rich got the tax cuts. And the Republicans think that the rich having more money will trickle down to you having more money. That is not how it worked then. It is certainly not how it works now. Right now, 80 percent of those paying taxes will get a tax cut. The Reagan plan was gradual. It also worked. By 1983, revenue to the government more than doubled. Problem was, spending in Congress tripled.

This plan is immediate—by design! I have already laid out for you what is happening now. Raises, bonuses. This is not a trickle-down tax cut. This is a direct, targeted tax cut for 80 percent of the American people who pay taxes.

Here is a fact of life that the Democrats do not want you to know, for once you know it, they can no longer demagogue tax cuts. Trickle-down is what the economy is. It’s not a policy. Trickle-down is not related to taxes. If you own a business and a customer comes in and purchases the goods or service you are selling, that is trickle-down. The money from that customer trickled down to you. It’s called commerce.

The Democrats want you to think trickle-down is the rich get all this money and then they’ll share it or give it away or whatever; they’ll see to it that you get some of it. Of course, that’s not how life works. So, the rich, they don’t run around handing people money. They never do, and so the Democrats can always say the rich are never gonna help anybody, which is a crock. Because every time anybody spends money, it’s trickling down or up or sideways through the economy. It’s called commerce.

Here is what is going to happen: The Democrats are simply going to replay what they think has worked in the past. They are going to portray this economy as the worst in the world come November. They are going to do what they did in 1992. They are going to say, “You may have more money in your pocket, but you neighbor’s life sucks.” They have to do this. This is the only attack as the Democrats push back against attacks that will come from Republicans, because not a single Democrat supported tax reform. Republicans will say it’s clearly benefiting the middle class; the Democrats opposed it. The Democrats cannot point to one of their own fingerprints on this.

By continuing to lie about this, by continuing to muddy the waters, they are hoping you will not notice they still do not have an economic plan of their own. Their platform will be 1) hate Trump, 2) everyone is a victim, 3) your neighbor’s life sucks.

This is what I say. What say you?

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