Regarding the most recent school shooting in Florida, if you paid attention to media coverage you could escape the reality or the conclusion that everybody wants to do something. People are shouting for something to be done about mass shootings.

What you did not hear were very many people actually coming up with anything to do that’s going to matter, that’s going to make a difference, and that’s even grounded in something even close to reality. It was pretty much all the same thing one hears after every horrible shooting event. They all had in common the continued narrative of President Trump and the Republican Party being characterized, libeled and slandered consistently in regard to what is called “gun control.”

Particularly, the criticism is that they are owned lock, stock and barrel by the NRA.

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“The Republicans want to continue to let your kids get guns. The Republicans are totally supporting anybody who wants to get guns.”

This is what you hear. In a nutshell, the Republicans want anybody who wants to,  own as many guns as they want. Then, they want you to believe the Republicans are not opposed to anybody getting guns and that the Republicans are not opposed to anybody doing whatever they want to do with guns. Finally, that the Republicans will defend anything that happens with a gun in order to protect the Second Amendment, all bought and paid for by the NRA.

This is nowhere close to what the Republicans or the NRA believes, teaches, practices, endorses or recommends. However, this narrative must be promoted to achieve the ends the Democrats, liberals and the media ultimately want, which is the elimination of the Second Amendment by law. Problem is, it cannot happen this way. Like Prohibition, one would need another amendment to counter the second. Another way would be to stack the courts with activist judges who would somehow rule the Second Amendment unconstitutional. Do not laugh; you already have judges who think they can write immigration law.

By the way, even when Democrats controlled all the branches of government, did they ever propose an amendment to abolish the Second? The answer is no. Like immigration, they do not actually want a solution, they want the issue so they can demonize Republicans every election cycle.

You think I exaggerate? At a prayer vigil right after the shooting, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a congresswoman whose district is near Parkland, showed up. She started hammering Republicans and started demanding that the kids and attendees vote Democrat. This was in the middle of a prayer vigil.

You are to believe that the NRA is the biggest political donor in politics. You are to believe the NRA is the No. 1 donor for the Republican Party. You think the NRA is donating left and right. The NRA has these politicians in its back pocket. Fact is, between 1998 and 2017, the NRA spent $200 million on all political activities. So, in 19 years, the NRA spent $200 million. However, in comparison, just in 2016 alone, public sector unions spent $1.7 billion on policy, the overwhelming majority of that on Democratic candidates. You want to talk about being bought and paid for? In reality, the NRA is not a major donor; it is not in the top 10, and it is not running around with politicians in its back pocket.

Yes, the NRA is one of the largest special interest groups with millions and millions of real American citizens as its members, not just members of Congress, not just the Senate, but you, the average ordinary citizen. The NRA is not powerful because of monies donated, but because of its reach with the American people.

Like the media and Democrats trying to separate Trump from his base with endless attacks, they do the same with the NRA. It is the same playbook. You will see it every time there is another shooting. Mark my words, this is the world we live in and there will be another shooting because the next shooter already has the weapon. This is why I tell you all the protests, all the so-called solutions are just sound bites and will accomplish next to nothing. Even if the Second Amendment is repealed, there are 300 million guns out there. Are we really going to break into homes and confiscate them?

This is what I say. What say you?