We’re in 2018 and Trump is still president.

There is still no evidence of Russian collusion. Well, that is not exactly true. There is evidence of Russian collusion regarding the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

Trump has not been driven from office because of his past. However, there are congressmen, a senator, a Hollywood producer, a few news anchors, a couple of actors and others—all Hillary supporters and all vocal in their condemnation of Trump—who have lost their jobs. One might say 2017 was the year of exposing hypocrisy and bias. You could call that the “Trump effect.”

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If you only watch or read mainstream media, you would think the term “fake news” is just “fake news” itself. It only lives in the minds of Trump supporters. Fake news is not just the reporting of outright lies as fact using unnamed sources, but stories that are based on a little truth and are meant to convey a negative portrait of Trump, his family or members of his staff and administration.

Here’s an example: On Dec. 26, the lead story was that Melania ordered the cutting down of a 200-year-old tree from the White House grounds. That was the headline.  Then, you get the history of the tree, harking back to Andrew Jackson planting it in memory of his late wife, Rachel. How heartless! Has she no sense of history?

When one gets to the truth, one finds that for years it has been attached to wires. One finds that the tree is now, despite all the efforts to save it, a hazard. It is dead or nearly so. It must be cut down for the safety of the press, for it is where they congregate when they are on the grounds for an outside press briefing.

Here’s another example: Under the new tax plan, 80 percent of the middle class will pay higher taxes. That is true. Yet, when one looks further, when one actually wants to know the whole truth, two things emerge: 1) Fifty percent of middle class filers pay no taxes except FICA; 2) They will pay more taxes starting in 2027, when the lower rates expire. Why do they have to expire? That is another unwritten truth. They expire because the Democrats as a whole wanted nothing to do with this legislation. So, to pass it, the Senate needed to do it under reconciliation. That means in 10 years, it has to pay for itself. It does not take in any possible increase in monies coming in because of an expanding economy.

In reality, if the Democrats actually wanted to help with the legislation, they could have come to the table and negotiated the continuing of the state and local tax deductions in return for keeping the lower brackets like they are for corporations. The reality is the Democrats wanted amnesty for DACA children included in the tax package. They allowed the elimination of SALT deductions to champion the cause of people here illegally.

The reality is DACA is a separate problem caused by Obama making an unconstitutional fiat. Trump stopped it and told Congress to correct it and make it lawful. He will sign what Congress sends him. The reality is Democrats wanted nothing to do with lowering taxes and used DACA as an excuse.

In August 2016, Sen. Chuck Schumer went on the Sunday talk shows to say that in September, the Democrats would lay out their economic plan. They did not. To this day, they still have not laid out their economic plan. Why? It is not because they do not have one. It is because their plan increases taxes not just on the rich, but also on the middle class because that is where the real money is. They just dare not tell you.

Here’s my final example: The new tax plan will let millionaires and billionaires pay less. That part is true. What you are not being told is the millionaires and billionaires are corporations. They will be allowed a one-time lower rate to repatriate their money from overseas back to America, to re-invest in America. Their tax rate goes from 35 percent to 21 percent to make them more competitive with foreign corporations that are subsidized by their countries.

The Republicans and Trump are betting that these companies will use that money to expand, hire more workers and raise salaries. The Democrats are betting on these corporations keeping the money and giving it to themselves and investors. The Republicans are hoping for a vibrant economy. The Democrats are hoping for pain and suffering. The reason why they have lied and misrepresented this tax law is because they know they are wrong and hitched their horse to the wrong carriage. They know if Trump is right, they are toast.

This is what I say. What say you?

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