If you are getting your information from CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times or others in the mainstream media, you would think the Russians are no good dirty scoundrels, colluding with Trump to steal the election from the rightful heir, Hillary Clinton.

The leading Democrats in New York are all on board with this scenario, as are Democrats representing states across the country. You have heard California Congresswoman Maxine Waters go so far as to say their meddling was equivalent to an act of war. Fellow California Congressman Adam Schiff, not to be confused with the good Adam Schiff from “Law & Order,” is all over the place letting us know what reprobates the Russians are.

It is important to them that you follow this shiny object. I have told you over and over again that if the Democrats accuse someone of some nefarious deed, you can bet they are the ones actually doing it. I also tell you nothing operates in a vacuum. So, it was interesting to read two weeks ago in these publications that there was a serious spike in energy bills over the last couple of months. Our leading elected officials want to know why.

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Even I know that it was not gouging. It was because the cost of fossil fuel spiked due to demand over those months. Why did it spike so high? This is the dirty little secret they will not tell you. Our energy suppliers had to purchase their fossil fuels from other areas, not New York. The supplies in this case, oil and natural gas (liquefied), were purchased from Russia! Why? Easy, it is because our governor, who is bought and paid for by the environmentalists, has prohibited the construction of pipelines in New York that would have transported these fossil fuels from neighboring states at a cheaper cost. I would bet real money that many of these people upset with the spike in the energy bill are the same environmentalists who do everything possible to stop the building of these pipelines.

So, if we are to believe Russia is such a reprobate nation, why on earth are we buying their product with our money that will be used against our interests? These Democrats want it both ways.

Liberal policies weaken background checks

What we have learned so far about this tragedy in Florida since I wrote about it last week is that the failures leading up to it were not the fault of Donald Trump, the Republicans or the NRA. From the FBI down to local law enforcement, the failure of those entities to do their duty with the laws already on the books is where that failure lies. It is not the first time, either. The Boston Marathon bombing, San Bernardino, the Pulse nightclub—all failures of law enforcement. Every one of those perpetrators were known to law enforcement ahead of time.

What would happen if you learned that background checks may not work because the data in the background check system isn’t even there because of policies from the Obama and Holder Department of Justice? I bring this up because everyone agrees that we need stronger background checks after this latest tragedy in Florida. Did you know that local police departments, sheriff’s offices and school districts were awarded grant money from the Obama administration for looking the other way when certain crimes have taken place? This was called the PROMISE Program.

The Obama administration did this because it believed in its heart of hearts that many police departments were inherently racist. It could not actually come out with a policy that was targeted at minorities only. So, it had to make a broad-based policy to include anyone who committed these offenses.

According to an article from the Dec. 4, 2013, issue of American Prospect magazine titled “Reversing Broward County’s School-to-Prison Pipeline,” Broward County wanted to lower the number of student suspensions, which was a big part of Obama-Holder prison reform, in order to collect increased funding from the Obama administration.

The way this works is you no longer count certain offenses as a crime. So, they are not reported. So, if there is a background check, it would not be there. You see this now in New York City with the decriminalization of certain quality-of-life crimes. The end result is the statistics will show a decrease in crime and the municipality receives more money for lowering the crime rate.

So, for those who demand stronger background checks, unless the PROMISE Program is discontinued, it will not matter. I have come to the conclusion that electing Democrats can be hazardous to your health.

This is what I say. What say you?