Any guy who tells you Adam’s descendants are inherently superior to Eve’s is one of two things: drunk or delusional. Or both. C’mon, man. How much more proof do we need that it just ain’t the case.

Brawn never has impressed me nearly as much as brains. Speaking of which, did you know 70 percent of U.S. high-school valedictorians are female?

From Susan B. Anthony to Rosa Parks to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, every so often we’re reminded anew of fearless female fortitude in the face of male insecurity and fear, which can come clumsily cloaked in unbridled, and at times immoral, arrogance.

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When universal suffrage was codified by the 19th Amendment—a scant century-and-a-half after the birth of America—it wasn’t because men magnanimously bequeathed that sacred right to the gender who birthed them. It was because women, who had had enough of inequity, wrenched the right by sheer force of will and wit.

This third month on the calendar is high on estrogen. The 8th was International Women’s Day. The 24th is Equal Pay Day. In 1987, March was designated Women’s History Month as a tribute, but its creation also evokes societal guilt about their malign treatment since time immemorial. An entire month of recognition is nice, but more’s the shame that it’s at all necessary. The tribute should be ever-present in our souls, woven into our very fabric, not worn as an applique with which we proudly adorn ourselves… as an afterthought.


I’m reminded every day, by the presence of my wife Elyse and daughter Elissa, how fortunate I am to bask in their womanly warmth and light. It is a gift.

I never got to grow up in the presence of my mother. A catastrophic aneurysm blind-sided our family in a flash, taking her when I was 9 years old.

And still, to this day, I feel her beatific spirit inside me, helping to define who I am. And I know that I am stronger for it. Not because I am a man. Because I am a man borne by her and by the other women who give my life the joy, love and succor it needs to grow and prosper. Thank goodness for the stronger sex.

Bruce Apar is a writer, actor, consultant, and community volunteer. He can be reached at; 914-275-6887.