For more than 20 years, Amy Zingarelli’s face was the first one that greeted customers who walked into the Allstate office on Route 6N in Mahopac. 
Zingarelli came to Allstate and is now celebrating her 25th anniversary with the Grimaudo-Zimmerman agency. 

“I have been here so long that I’ve seen women pregnant and then watched their kids start driving and then go off and have children of their own,” she said. “To me, a lot of these people are my family members. They’re a part of my family. I care about these people.”

Originally from Pittsburgh, Zingarelli came to Mahopac after a short stint at Westchester Airport, where she briefly entertained the notion of becoming a flight attendant. When that didn’t pan out, she joined up with Allstate and quickly became a fixture at the office, impressing Shari Zimmerman, one of the agency’s owners, with her tireless work ethic. “I’ve probably been out sick more times in five years than she’s been out sick in 25 years!” Zimmerman said. 

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While Zingarelli is appreciative of her boss’ praise, she admits that her hardworking attitude comes from a pretty simple place. 
“I love my job,” she said in a straightforward manner. “There’s not much more to say than that. I love my job.” 

During her time at Allstate, Zingarelli quickly became a fixture both at the agency and in town. People came to expect seeing her smiling face waiting for them and what started at customer loyalty soon evolved into friendship. “I’ve made a lot of friends in the Mahopac community,” she said. “They know me as ‘Amy at Allstate.’ That’s become a joke with a few clients. They just see me and say, ‘Amy at Allstate!’” 

After more than 20 years in Mahopac, Zingarelli said that she was looking for a change and began to make plans to move to Delaware. However, her ties to the community in Mahopac were so strong that Zimmerman didn’t want to lose her and offered Zingarelli the chance to work remotely. “We have Voice Over Internet phones,” Zimmerman said. “And a lot of our customers don’t realize that she doesn’t live here anymore.” 

Still, despite living more than 200 miles away, Zingarelli feels close to the people of Mahopac and comes back every six weeks to work in the office for a few days. She enjoys these return visits, as it gives her a chance to catch up with the community to which she still feels connected. “It’s nice to come back and see the people, and it’s always exciting when people stop by to see me,” she said. Additionally, she noted, it’s always fun to see how much the families she’s helped over the years have grown and, in some cases, expanded. “It’s crazy to see someone who was up to my knees and now they’re married and having babies,” she said with a laugh.  

Still, even after a quarter century of serving the community, and despite the praise lavished upon her by her boss (not to mention this article!), Zingarelli remains humble. “It’s just me,” she said. “I’m just Amy at Allstate doing my job.” 

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