CARMEL,N.Y. - According to Councilman Frank Lombardi, the town’s coronavirus liaison, the Putnam County Department of Health has set the following guidelines for grocery stores:

While you’re in the store, make sure to maintain a 6-foot distance from other shoppers and workers.

As of April 2, there are no CDC recommendations regarding personal protections while grocery shopping. If you decide to wear gloves or a mask during your shopping trip, do not hoard personal protective equipment. One way to ensure these supplies are available to those who need it most is to only leave the house as necessary to obtain essential food and medicine. Make sure to dispose of gloves properly in a garbage can when you are done shopping.

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During your shopping trip, be sure not to touch your face and wash your hands thoroughly when you return home. You can also use hand sanitizer while you’re in the store and before you get into your car.

Once you are home and ready to unpack your groceries, sanitize the surfaces where you placed your bags. Right now, we know the virus can live on surfaces, although the exact time depends on the surface, so washing your hands frequently during and after unpacking groceries can help reduce your risk. There is no guidance at this time on cleaning the groceries you bring home.