MAHOPAC, N.Y. - The Carmel Police Department’s patrol boat has received a $15,000 makeover and will be a strong presence on Lake Mahopac this summer.

Police Chief Mike Cazzari told the Town Board at its June 26 meeting that he authorized the much-needed repairs and the boat is now is ready to hit the water.

“At the end of the boating season last year, I had the boat cleaned and power-washed. The guy who was doing that work had me come and look at all the deep gouges and cuts that were in the hull,” Cazzari told the board. “I made some inquiries about who did that kind of repair. Jimmy’s Marine World was recommended. They do work for numerous boats on the Hudson—most notably, Tarrytown’s police boat is repaired annually by them.

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“So, they started the work and during the process, they called me and asked me to come down. There were cracks all underneath the lettering, so it wasn’t just about patching the deep cuts. There were some compromised areas throughout the entire hull, and they recommended that they sand it and re-gelcoat the entire hull and refurbish it.”

Cazzari said he went forward with the hull refurbishing and had them add a tow bar to the back of the boat. They also replaced the nonskid areas along the gunnels because they were beginning to peel off. The entire cost of the overhaul was $15,113.

“I went down to the marina and looked at it and it looks fabulous,” Supervisor Ken Schmitt said of the refurbished vehicle. “It looks like the day it was delivered back in 2004.  It looks fantastic. Jimmy’s Marine did a great job on it.”

Schmitt said it was well worth the $15,000 to repair it because a new vessel similar to Carmel PD’s boat would cost in the range of $100,000.

Cazzari said he still wants to add police decals to the engine cowling, as well as some striping down the side of the boat.

A few years ago, the boat was in pretty rough shape. For several years—mostly during the transition between Chief Cazzari and his predecessor, Michael Johnson—the boat was kept inactive in the parking lot of Sycamore Park and was left unmaintained.

“It was abandoned and left,” Cazzari said.

Councilman John Lupinacci said he wanted to make sure the public didn’t think Cazzari was responsible for the abandonment of the boat.

“We had stopped using it, this was during the transition between the two chiefs when this board had said no more patrolling,” Lupinacci said. “I don’t want the public to think that Chief Cazzari just left that boat there. He is now taking charge and maintaining it and will be patrolling the lake.”

The Town Board said it wants to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

“I want it taken care of in the future and try to keep the repairs local,” said Councilman Mike Barile.

Cazzari said he will make sure the boat is cared for and maintained at the end of each season before it’s wrapped for winter.

“Why would you own a boat and leave it in the parking lot [all summer] when the fire department and police department…might need it?” the chief said. “It’s not going to sit all yearlong anymore.”