MAHOPAC, N.Y. - A man looking to buy a home on Bullet Hole Road in Mahopac made a gruesome discovery last week when he found the owner of the house dead halfway in the vent line of the septic system.

Carmel police said they arrived on the scene on Thursday, Aug. 8, at around 11:32 a.m. and found the deceased legs “coming out of a hole in the yard with the upper half of his body completely underground.” Police said the man, identified as Paul Ascani, 62, was unconscious with no pulse.

Police interviewed the potential buyer of the home who told him he was supposed to meet the real estate agent there and tour the property. The real estate agent arrived and told investigators that Ascani wanted to sell the home but had been advised of the problem with the vent in his septic line. Police said it appears Ascani was attempting to make the repair when he died, likely from a heart attack. An autopsy was performed, and the results are pending.

Ascani was a contractor and owned C+L Contracting. He was married and had two daughters.