MAHOPAC, N.Y. - In an effort to make the roads around Mahopac High School a little safer for students, Carmel Police Chief Mike Cazzari has asked the Town Board to limit parking and standing on some of the ancillary roads in the school’s neighborhood known as Rolling Greens.

In a letter to the Town Board, Cazzari notes that “early dismissal traffic is now directed to the rear entrance of the high school, so that students walking to meet their parents are not crossing in front of or between buses. Unfortunately, parents who are unaware of this traffic pattern change or who refuse to wait in line are stopping across the street from the school on Muscoot Road North and Gleneida Boulevard to pick up their children.”

Cazzari said that children are darting across Baldwin Place Road to meet their rides on Muscoot and Gleneida, creating a dangerous situation.

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“In some instances, the children have run out in front of moving vehicles and buses, nearly being struck,” he said.

Cazzari went before the board at its Dec. 12 meeting to ask for “No Standing” signs to be added to the “No Parking” signs currently found on Muscoot Road North and Gleneida Boulevard.

“We are looking for ‘No Standing’ [signs] so we can legally tell the people not to wait for their children there and not have an issue,” he said.

Cazzari said that since the problems with Muscoot and Gleneida have been raised, there have also been complaints about nearby Ryan Court. So, he suggested that the board deal with that issue in the same legislation that will deal with Muscoot and Gleneida.

“[Ryan Court] is a short cul de sac near the high school,” he said. “Vehicles are parking there and [students are] walking to the high school. I spoke to the highway superintendent who said he’s been getting complaints about that. So, if we had the same ordinance we have on Rolling Greens, no parking from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, I think it makes sense. [That way] it will be the same [throughout the neighborhood] and limit the [students’] ability to walk down Baldwin Place Road, especially when the winter comes and there is snow all over that road.”

Councilwoman Suzi McDonough suggested that if they were going to add “No Parking” signs on Ryan Court, the town should also include “No Standing” signs as well to be consistent throughout the area.

“If we are putting signs up, we might as well,” Cazzari said. “It’s a good suggestion.”

Supervisor Ken Schmitt said he received a call from a Ryan Court resident who said parking was indeed becoming a problem on the street.

“He said it started out with one or two cars and now it’s between nine and 12, so it’s growing,” Schmitt said.

The Town Board has slated a public hearing on the proposed local law changes for its Jan. 23 meeting.