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TAP Into Another Town's News:


When Liberty is Also Hypocrisy

May 13, 2022

If someone doesn’t like the rules, and chooses not to follow them, and actively tells others not to follow them, is that liberty? Would we apply this standard to those who choose not to obey street signs, or signs that say, “no loitering,” or “yield?”

In this American democracy, we elect and appoint people to establish rules (and laws) to ensure domestic ...

Is It Time to Move?

May 10, 2022

To the editor,

We visit family in Florida and South Carolina each year and it gets harder and harder to return.   This area is geographically one of the nicest areas in the country, however, this town keeps voting to tax us into oblivion.   Relocation for many is a real consideration.

To level the federal tax playing field “SALT” (state and local taxes) was ...

Tales of Ties and Tails

That headline-grabbing, delinquent supply chain has now wormed its wayward way into graduation ceremonies, of all things. In some cases, cases of caps and gowns and hoods (those sash-ish affairs that denote academic degree) are backlogged in production or in transit, leaving schools to scramble to ensure their alumni-in-waiting are decorously adorned, as tradition dictates.

Shortages of sashes ...

Your Next Chapter: Estate Planning Considerations for the Newly Retired

Congratulations on your retirement!

Like many, you probably have a bucket list of things you would like to accomplish such as travel the world, spend more time with your grandkids and take up a new hobby. While these are all excellent ambitions, the milestone of retirement is also a good time to ensure your finances, beneficiary designations, estate planning, and long-term care strategy are in ...