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There Can be No Obstruction!

Here is a fact of life: the Department of Justice, including the special counsel, Robert Mueller, cannot indict President Trump. This has been the standard DOJ position since 1973, reaffirmed in 1996 and again 2000.

The Democrats and their media stenographers, plus all the Trump haters on the Republican side, have been inundating you with the possibility that Trump can be indicted on ...

Kim Jong Trump

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

Last week, at the White House, the unworldly leader and tarnished head of this once-great land, opened a nationally televised meeting of his senior cabinet at work by inviting all to hear about the important business he and his cronies were up to. So, what did the nation hear? 

Right out of the North ...

Decide Which Side You're On

Ever listen to some of the self-styled savants who populate the phone lines on sports talk radio? Once a professional sports contest is concluded, notably a home team loss, they rush to judgment and second-guess managers and coaches, exercising uncanny foresight into the past. Nobody has broken the news to these innocents: Being a spectator doesn’t make you a skipper.

Being an onlooker ...

I Know an Old Coffee That Lived in a Shoe

Most couples have cute little endearing pet names for each other. Sweetie. Honey. Schmoopy-Boopy-Snuggie-Woogems.

My husband also has an endearing name for me. He calls me “Two Sips.” This comes from my tendency to make myself a cup of coffee, take two sips, and then absentmindedly leave the cup somewhere in the house.

“Hey Two Sips,” he would say, entering the ...

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