MAPLEWOOD, NJ - Generations joined in song at the Saturday Maplewood Glee Club Concert. Held at Prospect Presbyterian Church, the annual concert featured not only the Glee Club, but Columbia High School’s Unaccompanied Minors and The Backlogs, both a cappella groups.

“We’re delighted to this talent ahead of you,” said Glee Club conductor Gregory Scime. “And if we’re lucky it will come after us.”  Scime lauded both a cappella groups, calling them “hard acts to follow.”

The Backlogs are a group of men who sang together more than 40 years ago at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  In that time, bass Ed Moriarty has rarely had a solo. “This is the world premiere,” joked Rob Scalea as he introduced “So in Love,” featuring Moriarty.  The member confided to the audience that singing runs in the blood: Moriarty’s son is now at MIT and sings in the Logarhythms.

The Maplewood Glee Club, which has been singing together for 65 years, sang traditional holiday favorites, but also took note of the date, December 7.  To mark Pearl Harbor Day, the group sang songs of the 1940s, such as “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and the crowd favorite “Java Jive.”

In contrast, the Columbia High School students sang contemporary music with one exception. The male subset of the Unaccompanied Minors, known as the Knights of Columbia, rarely miss a performance of a traditional Irish song. On Saturday, the audience rose to an ovation after the performance.

Likewise, the concert ended with a solo by Harry Thompson of the Glee Club.  “When Harry hits that A note,” said Scime, of the “O Holy Night” performance, “the concert’s over.”

At a reception afterwards, audience members and performers mingled around the room and across the generations.  Jamie Bunce, who conducts the Unaccompanied Minors at CHS, said, “We had a blast and we’re very impressed by what we heard.”

Bunce and her singers promise to return for a spring concert, and the Maplewood Glee Club promised likewise to welcome the public to music across the ages.