SOUTH ORANGE, NJ – Newly reappointed President of the Jersey Animal Coalition (JAC), Ruth Perlmutter, met with the creators of the show “Wotcha! Gotcha! A Very British Pantomime” over the weekend to receive the donation the group generated with the show in December.

Gareth Jones of Deadgood Events said the “panto” shows in December raised about $6,500, which they have donated to three charitable causes, The JAC, Rent Party and Heifer International.

“For the second year, a tremendous cast and crew gave their time and talent to put on this show,” said Liz Jones.  “It was family fun in the grand British tradition. And it’s a community activity.  Everyone comes together for the panto. We had kids of all ages.  It’s a great way to engage the community.”

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They plan to do it again next year, and expect even more people to participate.

“People who come out to see the show want to be in it the next time,” said Chrissy McIntyre, who along with her husband Ridley, help to put on the show with the Joneses. It was the McIntyres’ adoption of a dog from the JAC that led to the decision to make them one of the recipients of the donations.

“God bless you,” said Perlmutter.  “ We are so grateful.  It’s people like you that keep us going and help us survive.”

Gareth Jones summed up his feelings, saying, “There is not enough good clean fun in the world, so we’re addressing that, one show at a time.”

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And one more thing...Queen Victoria says, "Beware of Spring Healed Jack."