NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – You can say Tom Kreder is the Jack of All Talents relating to the electric business.  He is the owner of Kreder Electric, Inc. along with his wife Cecilia (Ceil).  New Providence-based Kreder Electric, Inc. serves both residential and commercial customers.  Tom can work on projects “from the little thing to the big” and everything in between.

Tom has over 33 years of experience, starting at 16 years old when he worked as an apprentice for Filken Electric in Bloomfield, NJ.  In 1989, he decided to venture out on his own, first opening in Maplewood, NJ.  More than twenty years later, Kreder Electric, Inc. is still servicing residences and commercial businesses.  Tom also services various apartment buildings in the area.

Cecilia explained Tom has established such a good reputation in the community and beyond that “75 to 80 percent” of his business is generated by referrals.  The company serves all of Essex, Morris and Union Counties.  From his earlier days in Maplewood, Tom maintains customers in Maplewood, South Orange, Bloomfield, Montclair, West Orange and Glen Ridge.

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Tom said he loves and enjoys the work he does for a living.  He will respond to emergency calls promptly, but will also try to evaluate the situation.  For instance, when speaking with a homeowner regarding an electrical problem, he will talk to them on the phone first.  Sometimes it is simply a matter of “checking the circuit breaker” or a “light bulb” and the problem can be quickly resolved.  However, if it isn’t as simple as that, he will respond to the location.

To keep abreast of the changes in the industry, Tom attends classes.  For example, Tom explained that electrical codes are always changing in New Jersey and he needs to stay informed of those changes.

When asked how well the business has done in the economic malaise, he said, “construction was one of the first to feel the strain and the slowest to recover but like all businesses, we have made adjustments to the economic climate and have tried to maintain a positive outlook.  The phone is starting to ring more, which is a good sign.”

To maintain his working relationship with realtors in the area, Tom conducts pre-electrical inspection before the home inspection is completed.  For example, he checks to ensure electrical codes are up to date, panels will pass, and any loose or hanging wires are taken care of.  He will repair these items before the home inspection, which means fewer items on a home inspection that are going to be an issue.  He will also do the necessary repairs on a home that already has had a home inspection and work off the inspector’s report.

Kreder Electric Inc. can be reached at 908-464-8980 or