MAPLEWOOD, NJ - Every Monday, the Maplewood Farmers Market is providing fresh produce and gourmet snacks for area residents.  The Market is located on Springfield Avenue at the Indiana Street parking lot, and is open every Monday afternoon from 2 p.m. until 7 p.m.

Many of the vendor tents at the Farmers Market are operated by well-established farms and food distributors.  One participant in the Maplewood Market is Stony Hill Farms, which has participated in at least 20 different farmers markets and offers a rich variety of fruits and vegetables.  Another participant, Hoboken Farms, has been present at farmers markets for the past 21 years, bringing fresh food to markets in Maplewood, Hoboken, and Highland Park.  A few of its main offerings are artisan bread, mozzarella balls, and the signature Hoboken Farms BIG RED marinara sauce.

For visitors interested in picking up gourmet snacking items, Vesco Foods sells sun-kissed tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, horseradish pickles, and olives stuffed with blue cheese and goat cheese.  And for on-site meals, visitors can stop by the food truck operated by Torsu Cambodian Cuisine.  The menu includes over a dozen chicken, vegetable, and tofu selections, along with a variety of beverages.

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Community organizations have also found the Maplewood Farmers Market to be a rewarding publicity opportunity.  One of the booths at the Market is run by New Jersey Hope and Healing, an organization that focuses on “the impact of storms and flooding, as well as strategies for coping.” In the words of Hope and Healing representative Dametria Wertz, the Farmers Market is a “nice venue to get people to hear about what we do, and to get our organization’s name out so they pass it along.”

For more information about the Maplewood Farmers Market—and about other farmers markets in the area—visit the Jersey Fresh page administered by the NJ Department of Agriculture.  Please direct any questions about the Farmers Market to