MAPLEWOOD, NJ – Hats with historic style  went on show at a Maplewood store last week, packing in fans of the renowned designer.

Revoluton, a recently opened shop on Baker Street, hosted the headgear designed by Lisa Battaglia who has built a reputation for creations inspired by the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s.

They are typically made of straw or felt and, though they look vintage, they also have a modern feel that goes well with different present-day styles to form a classy, elegant look. 

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Battaglia took some time Friday to demonstrate what it takes to sculpt one of her hats.  The material is placed over a molding structure, rope is tied  around it and it’s squeezed tightly.  The hats take anywhere from two to ten hours to make, come in various colors, and most of them can be worn in different ways. 

Battaglia’s creations have been featured in magazines such as Glamour and Marie Claire, and her work has been displayed in the Kentucky Museum of Art.  More info about Lisa Battaglia’s work can be found at her website,

Revolution is owned by David Heffernan and is located on 97 Baker Street.