The Perks:

With the new school year right around the corner, education is on my mind. Most experts and parents agree that the earlier we expose our children to new languages, the better. Some school programs now offer foreign language as part of the curriculum beginning in kindergarten, or even earlier. is a super cute new website that sells books, DVDs, and other products designed to educate kids about Chinese culture and language in a really fun way. This site is especially awesome for Chinese families living in the US who want to keep the language and culture alive in their children, but is also cool for any parents who want to broaden their child's learning horizons. I really like that they offer popular kids' characters (like Dora the Explorer and Dr. Seuss) in their products.

The coolest part for me, however, is that the website was created and is run by two awesome, local moms who take great care in hand-selecting high quality products to sell. Their motto is that if it is not good enough for their own kids, it's not good enough to have on their website. With learning in the air and holiday shopping around the corner, this is a cool way to get some unique gifts without leaving home!

The Poops:

Since my son is a huge "Ni-Hoa Kai-Lan" fan, I was hoping to see some of those products on the site. After all, he did learn to say hello in Chinese after only one episode!

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